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At 1/20/2017 1:48:23 AM, Blade-of-Truth wrote:
At 1/19/2017 8:10:30 PM, Danielle wrote:
At 12/31/2016 3:46:19 AM, Blade-of-Truth wrote:
Women-wise I was a huge fan of Joan Rivers, not so much Ellen but to be honest I've never seen her earlier stand-up. Any recommendations for that?

I don't think she's done stand-up in awhile, but I saw some of her specials from the early 2000s on HBO On Demand.

Like I said, the fact that her jokes are so clean and can still make me lol takes a lot of talent IMO.

After initially replying to this I ended up doing some research on her early career. I read how her main influences at the time of her starting stand up were Woody Allen and Steve Martin, two comedians I hold in high regard, so I had to check out her early stand up for myself, lol. I ended up watching several of her old stand up routines on You tube and have to say, she was great! She really had witty and quick humor, and her subtle mannerisms at the perfect time only contributed to the overall "good" feeling she gives off. I found it very easy to laugh both with her and at her jokes.

She was pretty clean in all of the older stand-up that I watched too, and truly funny. In regard to such a feat requiring a lot of talent, I couldn't agree more, and she's certainly one of the best. I'd now totally put her up there with Joan Rivers on my own list.

Ellen is a comic. But she is an unusual and superior comic.
A good comic can control the crowd, Ellen can control Ellen.
Her greatest forte is that she always shows the audience respect.
Hers is not a vulgar or insulting form of comedy.
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