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Quotes:"They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." Ben Franklin

Many uninsured can afford health insurance but refuse to make it a priority.


Ask a liberal why health insurance ought to be provided by the government, and they will tell you it is a necessity, and one that too many people cannot afford. I too agree that health insurance is a necessity. But if you look at how the uninsured spend their money you will see their spending habits hardly mirror their supposed convictions. I've never been uninsured, even as a dirt poor college student. Instead I sacrificed elsewhere to make my monthly health insurance payment. I realize the...

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Taxation is the confiscation of individual life and liberty and should therefore be minimized.


Life is represented by time on earth. Money is a representation of the time spent earning it. Liberty, in a popular sense, is one's ability to do with his life (i.e. time and money) what he sees fit, as long as he does not infringe on the rights of others. It follows that confiscating one's money is no different than confiscating his life and liberty. I do not make this point as an argument against taxation. I believe minimal taxation is necessary to provide for the defense of basic freedoms...

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Women rely heavily on the opinions of others in selecting a companion.


I'm generalizing of course. But guys, if you want to ruin your chances with a female (regardless of how attracted she is to you physically) just find a way to make sure her friends disapprove of you. The perceived personal status that would result from a prospective romantic alliance weighs heavily on a woman's decision to select or reject a man. Do not confuse my claim to mean women will only seek men with fame, fortune or good looks to increase their status. Depending on a woman's peer group,...

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If Obama and his followers were consistent they would resemble communists.


Despite the fact that nowhere in our founding documents is health care declared a "right," Obama (and his supporters) declare it a right because it is a human necessity. But there is a huge problem with using this type of logic to justify government's role in providing services. If the degree of necessity is the criteria for converting a private service into a public entitlement, then universal food, clothing, water, shelter, transportation, etc. should also be on the agenda. Most of these items...

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There is no way to even ballpark what percentage of global warming is caused by CO2 gases.


Most global warming fans will admit that CO2 (both natural and man-made) is just one of the many factors that contribute to global warming, both present and past. Most will also admit that long before cars and factories came about, wild temperature swings in both directions occurred under relatively stable CO2 levels. Additionally, most will admit there is no reason to believe these natural (non-CO2) factors are not contributing to the current warming trend. If this is the case, the percentage o...

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