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Quotes:"Mankind is divided into two basic sorts: those who find the unknown future threatening ... and those who find it thrilling. The rupture between those two sides has been responsible for most of the bloodshed in history.

If change threatens you, you become conservative in self defense. If it thrills you, you become liberal in self-liberation.

Those who are threatened are frequently more successful in the short run, because they always fight dirty. But in the long run, they always lose, because thrilled people learn and thus accomplish more.
There seems to be an unspoken and hidden agenda to change the public education system to where it's not even recognizable. It's right out of the playbook of a national movement to eviscerate government in favor of private and for-profit enterprises.
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Resolved: Abortion is morally permissible.


I thank Harold_Lloyd for accepting this debate as it's been in the works, but got placed on the back burner due to the DDO Elections and all the drama that comes with it.RulesFirst round is rules and definitions by Con, Pro will begin his constructives.Round 2: Con's Constructives (No rebuttles), Pro's rebuttles.Round 3: Con's rebuttles, and Pro's rebuttles and conclusion.Round 4: Con's rebuttle and conclusion, Pro will post "No round as agreed upon"If Pro says anything else in Round 4 then what...

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Taxation should be voluntary


In a free and just society, a government derives it's legitimate powers from consent of the governed. Given that, consensual voluntary exchange of currency between the governed and the government evaluates consent comprehensively. Thus, governmental taxation should be voluntary, not as replacement of voting but as a validation of a vote....

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God and creationism true or false


I believe in creationism and god not only because he proves himself by not being proven. But god works in ways that enable him to work miracles and answer prayers and talk to people through spirit. God is too amazing and out of this realm to be comprehendid by mankind. We all know what elements are and what elements make put of themselves substances. But do we know who made the element who thought of matter who though of energy who thought of melanin who thought of other significant things that...

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Education in America


I am concerned about recent changes to education. I fear that certain programs such as Common Core, Middle Years Program, International Baccalaureate, and No Child Left Behind are ruining education. Children are not in school to take tests and give reports. They are in school to learn and ready themselves for the world. Also, I would like to suggest a change to the starting time and length of the average school day. Children are spending too much time in school. They are sitting in school for 9...

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Conservative side


What do you think about politics, are you conservative or liberal? Do you think Obama is the worst president in U.S. history like I do? Please debate and leave ideas. I like my guns, my jobs, my country but right now I'm not so proud of it for the way it is. Letting jobs get lost, worthless and needless wars, having presidents that only intend to ruin our economy, please post...

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