Who should be Trump's VP?Posted 4 years Ago

At 5/8/2016 2:15:58 PM, user13579 wrote:
He accused Cruz's father of being involved in killing JFK. He should pick Alex Jones for VP.

Cruz is a devout Christian and is not worried about false allegations. He is a tough guy and can take all the shots in the world.
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Who should be Trump's VP?Posted 4 years Ago

At 5/8/2016 2:08:00 PM, vortex86 wrote:
At 5/8/2016 1:53:25 PM, Haroush wrote:
If Trump were smart he would quietly seek out Cruz as his VP. I believe this would make a lot of conservatives happy with him. Trump is pretty liberal and with Cruz as VP it would help to balance things out. Though this country doesn't deserve Cruz in my opinion. He is too good for the shi**y people in this country including the fake Christians.

This would accomplish little. He would garner some of Cruz's supporters (maybe a few more than would have been behind him if he wasn't VP) but as far as gaining votes picking someone with nearly the same unfavorables as Trump with no way of bringing it back up, seems like a losing strategy.

Everyone knows the National Enquire is nothing but hot air. Trump knows those claims were wack as well as Cruz. Perhaps not Trump voters considering their smarts.. but yeah. Anyway, Cruz is very passionate about what he does and is a very good speaker. He would help Trump unite the party tremendously and give make people feel more comfortable about having Trump in there since he would have a calm and steady mind working right next to him.
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Should they stop making paper money?Posted 4 years Ago

At 5/1/2016 12:14:56 AM, upsucker wrote:
Those $20 bills make illegal transactions easy. Without paper money drug pushers would have to carry 20 $1 coins for every 20 dollar bill. If a drug dealer is going to carry thousands of dollars he will have to carry thousands of coins. If you are an illegal alien or you hire them it will be obvious, because of the volume of money you will need to carry.
Honest people use a credit card to buy almost everything nowadays. So it would not be a big inconvienence for us. those other people will have to use credit cards which keep a record of every transaction.

We should stop making paper money for the simple reason most of U.S. dollars don't even rest in our own country. This being said we are in for one of the biggest economy crisis to ever exist. Worse than that of the great depression. Don't believe me?

For starters, most people today don't carry more than 20 dollars on average with them. Most purchases are done by credit card/check card.

What does this mean? Most transactions are done electronically. What is the problem with this? We as Americans aren't using our U.S. Dollars while other foreign entities are. To make matters worse we don't have no gold standard no more to give our dollar any value. The only thing in which gives our dollar any value is speculation of how much gold we actually own as a country.

To go even further into this story, now other foreign countries are beginning to unite together against the U.S. Dollar. Why is this troubling? These foreign entities understand our situation perfectly and know they have complete control over the U.S.

Why do you think Saudi Arabia threatened to drop all of their investments into the U.S. government? They know we lack substance when it comes to our monetary value. Even more scary we actually conceded to Saudi Arabia by backing down to them over the new 9/11 bill tying them into the September 11th attacks.

The worst is yet to come and now it just a matter of when.
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My PoliticsPosted 4 years Ago

Who gives a sh*t about your politics when you don't give a sh*t about other peoples' politics?

You are nothing but another dumb Trump voter with an average IQ lower than 100.
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#NeverTrump?Posted 4 years Ago

At 5/6/2016 8:45:19 PM, Greyparrot wrote:
At 5/6/2016 8:38:07 PM, Sam7411 wrote:
At 5/6/2016 8:26:05 PM, Greyparrot wrote:
At 5/6/2016 5:36:28 PM, user13579 wrote:
At 5/6/2016 4:08:24 PM, Greyparrot wrote:
If the establishment was in any way intelligent, competent, or at least smarter than Trump, they should have been feigning acceptance long, long ago, and found a way to marginalize Trump at a later date rather than play into his game.

No. The establishment isn't that stupid. The only explanation is that Trump is the establishment.

Remember when Donald Trump donated to Hillary and said she was a good sec. Of state?

People will say anything when there is a politician pointed at their head.

Look he doesn't have the name greyparrot for no reason.. Just ignore the dipsh*t.
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#NeverTrump?Posted 4 years Ago

At 5/8/2016 8:14:57 AM, Greyparrot wrote:
At 5/8/2016 2:47:53 AM, Sam7411 wrote:
At 5/8/2016 2:17:47 AM, Greyparrot wrote:
At 5/7/2016 2:17:58 PM, TrumpTriumph wrote:
Oh wait, Sam isn't old enough to vote. Thank God.

He can vote in Trump's re-election.

Sometimes I wish that maturity always came with age

Get over yourself.

How about you get surgery to take out part of your ribs so you can suck your own D*** you gay atheist.
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#NeverTrump?Posted 4 years Ago

At 5/6/2016 4:24:08 PM, YYW wrote:
At 5/6/2016 4:15:51 PM, TN05 wrote:
At 5/6/2016 2:19:51 PM, YYW wrote:


1) Because Trump is a personally terrible person, no better than the Clintons, in fact possibly worse.


2) Even if he wasn't a terrible person, he is a loose cannon who I do not believe is mentally capable of handling the job.


3) When he does take a stance on an issue, he takes one that is either blatant pandering to conservatives or one that is left-of-center.


Hence, #NeverTrump. I am not a #VichyRepublican. I'll be voting for the Libertarian nominee, or a conservative third party challenger if a viable one emerges.

lol there will be no third party challenger, but Gary Johnson is fine.

The evidence is all out there numb nuts.
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#NeverTrump?Posted 4 years Ago

At 5/6/2016 3:49:42 PM, user13579 wrote:
Trump has never been anything but a showman. He has no substance. He's basically P . T. Barnum: "There's a sucker born every minute." He claims to be an anti-establishment candidate, but he's used government connections to keep having his businesses file for bankruptcy without personally losing anything. He's turning politics into his own personal "reality" show.

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Who should be Trump's VP?Posted 4 years Ago

If Trump were smart he would quietly seek out Cruz as his VP. I believe this would make a lot of conservatives happy with him. Trump is pretty liberal and with Cruz as VP it would help to balance things out. Though this country doesn't deserve Cruz in my opinion. He is too good for the shi**y people in this country including the fake Christians.
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Where is Trump going to get the votes?Posted 4 years Ago

At 5/5/2016 5:15:02 AM, 58539672 wrote:

All valid reasons for not liking Trump, but if having Trump as your candidate guarantees a win for Hillary because Cruz and Kasich fans won't vote for him, then the reverse is even more true because Trump has more voters (right now) than Cruz and Kasich combined. Both of them can't beat Trump traditionally, so they need a contested convention to even have a shot, which is why their current strategy is simply denying Trump the required number of delegates to all out win. And thus far they have been failing at that.

And Trumps policies are like Hillary's from a few years ago only if you discount immigration, foreign policy, taxes, guns, education, etc. Just because Trump is moderate on most of his issues does not mean that he is Hillary Clinton. Thats just political jargon at its finest.

Eh, his foreign policy plan is quite identical to that of the democrats. His tax plan is a disaster and education he really hasn't let known what he believes as he has been more so reactive to recent changes in education rather then giving his own thoughts. Though considering things he as said he wants to expand college programs which sounds like Bernie Sanders especially when he wants to expand the federal governments role in it. Considering what I've said and what I know altogether about Trump I will not be voting for him period.

His foreign policy involves nuclear armament of our allies, increase pressure on NATO members to pull their own weight, renegotiating any unfavorable deals (mainly the Iran deal), and a vast increase in military spending (plus an invasion of ISIS). None of this coincides with Hillary, or any democrat really.

His tax plan involves a vast simplification of the tax code and massive cuts... nothing that coincides with Hillary or the democrats.

For education, he has stated he is anti-common core and pro-school choice, which coincides with GOP standards. The only comment that he has made in regards to college programs is that loan debt is becoming a problem, something that everyone agrees with. This statement does not mean that he follows Sanders policies in ANY way.

If you don't like Trump, fine. But don't try to vilify him by making him something he isn't. The same goes for all the candidates.

He has villified himself with his back and forth on many different issues. All of what you said is void if the candidate unpredictable to the point you don't even know if he is telling the truth or not about what he believes or even thinks. Not to mention the damage he would do to the party as a whole. There is evidence he is racist and his temperment lacks. I can't trust Trump behind the nuclear push button.
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