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About Me:I'm of Irish and English decent, which is common here in good ol' Newfoundland(I like to call it Newfieland or little Ireland)I live in one of the bigger cities in Newfoundland. I'm oppinionated, I value intelligence, and am a writer. I can be serious, but i'm usually cracking a joke, and I can take a joke(unless it's racist or makes fun of people who can't change the way they are) I'm a gamer, which is probably why I usually get along better with guys. Also I'm not the type of girl who asks a question and gets mad if I don't hear what I want, in other words: if I were to ask my boyfriend if the jeans I was trying on made my bum look big I would expect an honest answer, and if he said yes, I'd just put them back, I wouldn't get mad at him, I think that's just idiotic really.
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Quotes:People hold on to the things they should let go of until they lose what they should have held on to.

Childrens voice vs. Grown Mans


Why is it that a childs voice is considered to be more truthful than a grown mans? When a child says that something happend isnt it possible that the child could be lying? Why in the court of law the child is automatically considered to be the one telling the truth?...

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Stem cell research(If you're going to base your vote on oppinion don't bother voting).


I think stem cell research is a good thing and should continue. I will wait for my opponents before making my first argument. R1 will be declaring of your position. R2 will be for opening statements. R3 and R4 will be for rebuttals. R5 will be for concluding statements. I would like to thank my opponent and wish them good luck. -Kat...

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The late-night metro rail does more harm than good.


The late-night metro rail does more harm than good and here is why: 1)It leads to more kidnaps. For example what if you is on the metro rail by yourself, maybe at, 1:00 in the morning and nobody is around but one stranger. THat will give that person to rape, kidnap, or do anything that they want to do. 2)More fights.Late night metro rail can lead to fights because most likely there will be more drunks on the metro rail, and this could lead into a big fight because the person that is d...

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Teachers don't make enough money.


Teachers, what would we do without them? Not a whole lot when you think about it. So why aren't they paid as much as doctors, entertainers, lawyers, etc. We would not have doctors without teachers, nor entertainers or lawyers. Without teachers the world would be, quite frankly, "in the crapper". Why then are the taught paid more than the teachers? The pupil's salaries surpass the pedagogue's. I await for my opponent, and would in advance like to thank them, and wish them good luc...

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Muslim women are seen as equals to Muslim men in the Qu'ran.


To begin I would like to clarify some things. Muslim women: Women of the Islam faith. Equal: like or alike in quantity, degree, value, etc.; of the same rank, ability, merit, etc.: two students of equal brilliance. Qu'ran: The Qur'ān (القرآن , literally "the recitation"; also sometimes transliterated as Qur'an, Koran, Alcoran or Al-Qur'ān) is the central religious text of Islam. In the Qu'ran men and women are held as equals. Here is som...

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