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I invite a believer in God to make points...Posted 2 years Ago

At 4/24/2018 6:44:50 AM, bulproof wrote:
At 4/24/2018 6:08:33 AM, ethang5 wrote:
: :Ethan is never upset.
But the thing that posts on here as thang is permanently upset.
Just call him irrestable.bwuahahahaha

And yet you keep posting to Thang on every occasion, you must find him irresistible. Your obsession with him is really getting old and sad.
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Please Wear Your CrucifixPosted 3 years Ago

At 2/23/2018 7:25:40 AM, ethang5 wrote:
At 2/23/2018 2:08:20 AM, Casten wrote:
Presumably the French don't want government and education officials displaying symbols of bias while at their jobs, which require them to present a degree of objectivity. The workplace is not about free personal expression.

Are you saying there should be a rule that says any religious educator or official must display a sign of their religious affiliation?

I remember that Hitler required something similar of Jews in Germany in the 1940's. Willows would have approved.


Or merely that there should be no rule prohibiting such displays?
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fundamentalists should have supported stoningPosted 3 years Ago

At 1/3/2018 11:28:24 PM, linate wrote:
also he says he is taking the narrow path and christians like me are taking the wide path, to connect to Jesus' teaching. but what makes him think him and his ilk of christians are the 'true' christians? just because a path is narrow doesn't meant it's the right narrow path. i can point to millions of solid good christians who wouldn't agree with him that the jews were right to stone people. i realize i have lots of hokey christians on my side, but i think i have a better pulse reading of the "good" "loving" christians, and he just belongs with the fanatics and charlatans. it doesn't make sense, after all, to say i'm on the wide path, and then proceed to call me 'fringe'. if he really thinks he's on the narrow path he should at least embrace the fact that he's fringe. doesn't mean he's right in being fringe like that, but at least own up to it.

I really enjoy following this debate, but why don't you engage the arguments of the "he" you are referring to instead of writing an opinion piece once in a while, and allowing FJ to argue for you-but that's just me. I also doubt the millions of solid good Christians you can point to, IMO most Christians are more concerned with preserving the integrity of the Bible and not choosing what they want to believe.
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