Personal Plan ToolPosted 3 months Ago

Is personal planner tool is helpful for my work? If it's helpful please suggest the best tool.
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Who knows the all secrets of you?Posted 4 months Ago

All humans had a secrets. If you want to share your secrets, Then which option are you choose.
1. Diary
2. Friends

Now a days people are have an diary writing habit. It's very good habit for all peoples. So the Diaries knows all details about you. Some peoples don't write their own secrets. Because diaries are notebook only anyone read the diary if you don't hide your diary.
But some peoples are really love writing diary and share all their secret. They will have excitement when buy a diaries. Now a days the market have different and colorful diaries like custom diary, Journal diary, Signature, Monthly planner and etc. Best example for diaries collection visit -http://www. Matrikas. Co. In/.

Some peoples are share all about their secrets to best friend. They really believe friends blindly. It's express their love and believe but not sure they will be share your secret.

Share your thoughts about secret friend.
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