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Catholicism or Protestantism? (Pro-Protestant, Con-Catholic)


I am arguing from Protestant point of view. I would like to debate whether Protestantism or Catholicism follows the Bible more accurately. In other words, I would like to focus on specific practices of each denomination that is considered incorrect by the other. I do not want any insults towards one denomination. 1st round- acceptance 2nd round- statement 3rd round rebuttal 4th round- conclusion...

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Is the Bible the word of God?


Let me begin by introducing the format: Round 1: Acceptance to debate [no arguments] Round 2: Opening Statements Round 3: Rebuttal Round 4: Finish rebuttal, then conclude I am happy to have the opportunity to have this debate and welcome my fellow contestant to this interesting discussion. For years the question if the Bible is the word of God has been a hot topic that is being discussed all the time. I will be supporting the fact that it is not the word of God, of course without be...

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it is the most reasonable interpretation of the bible to say that some nonchristians can be saved


it is the most reasonable interpretation of the bible to say that some nonchristians can be saved there are four major points in the bible that i can think of regarding salvation of nonchristians. one is around John 3:16 where it says something to the effect of... "for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not parish, but have ever lasting life. for God did not send his son to condemn the world, but that that world should be saved t...

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Should we have EXPO? #Expo #NoExpo


Expo should continue because having Expo, everybody can see international stuff at one place. At expo, we can also share many stuff like more food and technology. Expo also brings more population and pushes crisis out. This year, Expo is hosted at Milan, but many protest does not want expo at milan. Even though Milan used a lot of money building the buildings, Italy will gain a lot more at expo as soon as Expo get full of people. Just like the shanghai Expo, china earned a lot of money by openin...

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Discipline should be instilled by parents not school.


A child learns a great deal from the parents,in particular, the mother parent has a direct impact on their child every action and word a parent uses is absorbed by the child and goes to influence who the child will become the parent has to use a judicious mix of love and firmness to make sure the child understand values. I totally agree with this voice out your opinions,ladies and gentlemen....

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