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Unperceived Existence Is Not Possible


If I do not perceive a thing, then in my perspective, the thing does not exist.Argument.Assume I do not perceive a thing. Then, although I may have evidence that supports the truth of the proposition "The thing exists," ultimately, I have insufficient evidence that supports the truth of the proposition "The thing exists." Since ultimately, I have insufficient evidence that supports the truth of the proposition "The thing exists," in my perspective, the thing does not exist. This concludes the ar...

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Being Fat isn't Always Directly Linked to Being Unhealthy. You Can be FIT AND FAT at The Same Time.


My position on this debate is PRO, i.e. One can be fat and fit at the same time.Opponent's position should be CON, i.e. One cannot be fat and fit at the same time.Round 1 is acceptance. It would be much appreciated if one asks for my permission before one accepts this debate.Round 2 is main arguments.Round 3 is rebuttals.Round 4 is further arguments.Round 5 is conclusions. No new arguments to be made in this round.Rules - 1) Please be respectful.2) Cite all sources at the end of...

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Indian Schools waste our precious time.


My question is whether the schools we go to learn new things waste our time. I think yes, I am an Indian and when I go to school, It does not feel like school, It feels like some sort of office. The teachers do not come to teach or to make you learn new and amazing things. They come to prepare you for the race and that race is your life. Why on earth do the teachers give us homework. Why do not they encourage us to explore and discover new things rather than giving us pointless HOMEWORK? The rea...

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"In My Pants" Joke Smackdown: Song names


We meet again for another "IN MY PANTS" debate. This one will be about song titles that sound funny with "In my pants". The rules are the same as before: One joke per round. I will now display my joke (I am saving at least two for the last rounds ;) Ready yourself). Smells Like Teen Spirit... IN MY PANTS NOTE: NO SONG TITLES THAT ARE ABOUT SEX, PORN, OR MASTURBATION...

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Children Should not be Allowed to Own Smart Phones Until They are in Their Mid Teens (15-16 y/o)


Hello respected opponent! :) I believe that (being a teenager myself), people below the age of 15-16 should not be allowed smart phones. My opponent will be arguing that they should be allowed to own smart phones.There are 4 rounds with 5000 characters limit.R1 - Acceptance and Definitions.R2 - Arguments.R3 - Rebuttals.R4 - Defence and conclusions.Definitions [From Merriam-Webster Dictionary] --> Smart phone - a cell phone that includes additional software functions (as e-mail or an Internet...

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