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About Me:I really like arguing but in a fashion that is not OVERBOARD. I am also the leader of Team Dehliah. I am a death hag but I do not plan on doing anything illegal (look it up.) And I am really interested in True Crime (Events like Columbine.) I would like to do something in Law Enforcement, Embalming, or being a Paramedic. WARNING: Just because I like True Crime and things like that, doesn't mean that I am necessarily a bad person!
Activities:I play Violin, I like reading, I go to School, and I am semi-active.
Beliefs:I believe in God. If he doesn't exist, there has to be at least some form of being that created the universe all its self.
Books:Stay where you are and then leave.
Movies:Neon Genesis:The End of Evangelion.
Quotes:"Mess with gecko, you get a pecko." - Random meme, adopted by Team Dehliah.
Sports Teams:Cloud 9.
TV Shows:Neon Genesis Evangelion.
3 Debates

Should children be required to be taught First Aid during High School?


Schools should have to put money into a First Aid class in High school. Anything wrong could happen at any time, And whether or not knowing how to conduct CPR or get people out of harsh situations and use a tourniquet could alter everything. More lives could be saved. A student later on in life would have that background knowledge on how to save someone. It is a matter of life or death....

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Should Schools go back to pen and paper?


I think that schools should go back to pen and paper because, They lose the grasp of learning. Searching things up isn't helping their brain develop. Back then, Students had to endlessly look through dictionaries and books to find what they are looking for. Now they can just look up a summary of that book and use it in a report....

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Should we detract our children from being exposed to vulgar and mean Xbox chats?


I think that our children should be exposed to these things because, It makes them learn several lessons. One, They learn how to defend themselves and not be wussies in the future. Two, The children can gain a reputation of their own and they can feel how responsibility is to have....

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