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About Me:If Airmax was a girl, he probably wouldn't be me (confirmed not an Airmax multi). My name is Jonelle. I'm married. I'm in college, and I'm studying business administration with an emphasis in marketing. I have many loves including music and writing. Mostly writing. I write books, and I occasionally write short stories for DDO as an exercise to bypass writers block. I'm actually making the third DDO movie (assuming Mike drops his before me), so keep an eye on the main forum. I'm also writing Nautilus for DDO. I'm honestly not an intellectual. I know stuff, and I have opinions. If you debate me, I will do a lot of research because chances are I don't have an educated opinion (unless it's something I've debated before). I have an incredibly busy life, but DDO has always had a special place in my heart. The place I will always return no matter how long a hiatus I take. Anyway, have a great day. Or something. Actually, have whatever kinda day you want idgaf.
Activities:Writing, racquetball, painting, art (I swear I have a life).
Beliefs:I believe things that I think are true.
Books:Brave New World, Saint, Sinner, and Adam.
Music:I go through phases. Rap and metal, classic rock and 90's punk rock (this is always an interesting mix), epic orchestral, noir film jazz and big band swing, and acoustic, and chill indie music.
TV Shows:Parks and Recreation, Arrow, the Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Doctor Who, Stranger Things, a Series of Unfortunate Events, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Can you tell I'm a nerd? Still, I swear I actually do things with my life. I have a job and a husband and college classes.

Resolved: The advacement of technology will significantly harm the job market.


This is a debate in the second round of the official May tournament. TUF and I are going to be debating the topic that is written out in the topic portion above. Structure is pretty standard. In TUF's first debating round, he will be allowed to provide rebuttals. Otherwise format is: 1st - intro/acceptance 2nd - main arguments/starting rebuttals 3rd - rebuttals 4th - summaries In the fourth round there shouldn't be any new argument. It should be for new evidence and elaboration on th...

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Parallel parking should not part of the driving exam


I do not believe that parallel parking should be required. Just like how learning how to navigate in a parking garage is not required, complicated areas are most of the time not even part of the driving exam so why would I need to parallel park? More often than not, there is parking available and we do not need to parallel park. If you don't know how, go park somewhere else and walk. If you can't/dont want to talk, then learn to parallel park for convenience, but I don't think it should be requi...

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A Self Evident Fact: Churches Slaughter America's Children for Not Believing in Christmas


It is a self evident fact because it has no evidence to back it up. For Example, Just because they win the debate saying "you have no evidence to back up your argument" doesn't mean that they disproved it, it just means that it has no evidence to back it up because it is self evident. Even though 2,642 children are slaughtered every day since the 1998 release of "All Dogs Go To Heaven Christmas Carol" doesn't mean that they don't cover up and erase the evidence, It doesn't mean that it is...

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The Bryan Mullins Logic: Not All Conspiracies Are True, Not All Conspiracies Are False


Not all conspiracies are true and not all conspiracies are false. Here, let me show you examples, SJM. Some Conspiracies Are True: For Example, Americans had a conspiracy that Nixon was going to break into Watergate, That apparently was true, Nixon had to face impeachment trials and hearings in 1974; Later, Nixon resigns and admits that he made a plan to break into Watergate. Some Conspiracies Are False: For Example, During The War on Terror, Some Americans had the conspiracy that Georg...

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Putin vs Trump Rap Battle


Regards! I've decided to do another rap battle; but this time with me (Pro) playing Vladimir Putin and Con playing Donald Trump. First round is for acceptance Jonbonbon will be Trump, good luck to her ;)...

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Term LimitsN/S
United NationsN/S
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