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About Me:Simply looking to expand my rhetorical/argumentative prowess. A thinker who is interested in science, philosophy. Want to do a lot of things with my life- become a physicist, write fiction, uncountable others.
Activities:I am a black belt martial artist but lack someone to practice with. I enjoy ruminating on metaphysics and developing theories about it. Try to be physically active in general. Love talking.
Beliefs:I am a Christian. I prefer not to think of myself as belonging to any one sect or denomination and instead try to align my nature and belief more with what the Bible itself says about the early church. In my opinion, the division evident in the modern church is the ultimate culmination of people belonging to "Peter or Paul". In a broader sense, I see the world and my place in it as a set of duties and opportunities to fulfill duty. As a man I have a certain duty to others that is fulfilled by my interaction with them and by my manifesting of the fruits of the spirit. I believe it is firstly most human to act like it is others we are here to serve, rather than ourselves. This view informs my insistence on the tenability of the Christian and by extension Judaic viewpoints.
Books:The Count of Monte Cristo, The Great Gatsby, The Bible
Movies:The Shawshank Redemption
Music:The Verve: Bittersweet Symphony, Eiffel 65: I'm Blue, various other
Quotes:"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."-Albert Einstein.
TV Shows:Lost, Psych
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Most flawed verse in Genesis


Thanks for being patient. So the premise of this is to rectify any challenge to one specific verse in the book of Genesis. Ive restated your premise as this, Gen 50:20-21 tells of the jews mass migration into Egypt, But there isnt any evidence that this occurred. Is that fair? Let me begin. 1. Archeological evidence is dubious. It can be sometimes difficult to trace events back thousands of years because the lack of evidence found in fossils and old remnants, So much of what we know of histo...

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Most flawed bible verse you can think of


Rules: Backwardseden Is banned from this debate and voting since I do not believe he will take it seriously The verse must come from genesis You can only attack one verse in this debate. The purpose of this debate is to explore ONE bible verse, In the book of Genesis you think is: immoral; illogical; evil; scientifically incorrect; or whatever. You will argue why you take issue with the verse and I will argue by explaining the verse using the bible as context. If done correctly you would...

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Updated 1 Year Ago

There are two main reasons why the the god of the torah, Bible, Quran, Book of mormon is untrue


The supposed unproven character storybook god of print only that is the one and the same that has an authoritative voice all the way from the torah to the bible, To the quran to the book of mormon and many other branches (though it does not engulf all religions) cannot and is not true because of two standing reasons. Naturally, There are of course many other reasons why this supposed god is untrue. However, For this debate, There are two clear ominous outstanding reasons that stand above the res...

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