Inspiring Quotes Debate


In this debate, we will simply be using quotes. Whoever you think listed more inspiring quotes gets your vote. Rules: 1. First round is for Con's quote only. Fifth round is for Pro's quote only 2. Each quote cannot be longer than 10 words. 3. There can only be quote per round. 4. You must list who stated that quote. 5. Do not use 2 or more separate quotes from the same person. 6. If either breaks one of these rules, its an instant loss....

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Affirmative Action


In this debate, I will attempt to prove that the very nature of affirmative action is racist and sexist. Definitions: Racist- someone or something that discriminates on the basis of race Sexist- someone or something that discriminates on the basis of sex Affirmative Action- The encouragement of increased representation of women and minority-group members, especially in employment Minority groups- anyone who is not a white male. Tax Credit- a deduction on your taxes. Subsidy-...

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Updated 4 Years Ago

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