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Ideology:Moderate Education:Not Saying
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Relationship:Single Income:Not Saying
Interested:in Women Occupation:Student
Looking:Friendship, Dating Religion:Agnostic
About Me:I'm just a white English student who owns a katana and a bonsai tree, has an extremely annoying sister (who I couldn't live without) and attempts futilely not to hold any strong opinions about anything. Why? The trend so far suggests I'll give up most of my current beliefs sometime in the future. I am currently taking A levels in Maths, Chemistry, English Lang/Lit and philosophy in a Catholic school where the majority of teachers seem to be atheists or very confused agnostics who think they're Catholics.
Activities:Reading, watching T.V. shows, movies and anime all at once on the internet, playing badminton, cycling, playing computer games, studying, procrastinating, exercising, playing the trumpet, reading blogs, learning Japanese, watching the news and generally being suspicious of David Cameron, my Prime Minister.
Beliefs:There are two levels of beliefs - the first, the practical level, assumes all the facts about reality that make living life possible. The second, the intellectual level, is a mess of confusion and doubts that will be expanded in the future but never resolved.
Books:Think (and Truth and Being Good) - Simon Blackburn, Development is Freedom - Amartya Sen, A Theory of Justice - John Rawls, Anarchy State and Utopia - Robert Nozick, The Existence of God -Swinburne, The Miracle of Theism - Mackie, The Great Conversation - Melchert, Ethics and Public Policy - Wolff, A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson, The Procrastination Equation - Steel, Why Evolution is True - Jerry Coyne, Practical Ethics -Peter Singer, The Last Hero - Terry Pratchett, The Amber Spyglass - Phillip Pullman, The Ancestor's Tale - Richard Dawkins, The Forever War - Joe Haldeman, A tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens, To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain, Reasonable Faith - William Lane Craig, The Christian Delusion - John Loftus, The Goblet of Fire - JK Rowling, Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austin, The Picture of Dorian Grey - Oscar Wilde and many many many more.
Movies:Memento, How To Train Your Dragon, Inception, Wall - E, True Grit, District Nine, Star Trek, Up, Casino Royale, Kung Fu Panda, Hot Fuzz, Spirited Away, Rebuild of Evangelion, The Girl who Skipped Through Time.
Quotes:"Quotes often oversimplify issues that are extremely complex and require more thought than an attractive soundbite" - me.
TV Shows:Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Fist of the North Star, Naruto Shippuden, Monster, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Macross Frontier, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lost.

Famer's Story-writing debate tournament Round#1 Famer VS Kinesis


Welcome to the second story-writing debate tournament.The rules and voting guidelines will be provided here:S&G will be awarded as usualConduct will only be awarded to the side that forfeits least (cursing within the story is allowed as this is a story)Arguments will be awarded for the side providing the more interesting continuation of the story.Sources will be awarded to the side with better writing techniques and displays a better ability with writing a story.Both sides will produce a s...

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Sources have no place in a Philosophical Debate other than to define terms and give counterexamples.


Resolution: Sources have no place in a Philosophical Debate other than to define terms or provide counterexamples.Clarification of Resolution: "or" is meant in the mathematical sense, meaning that sources are reasonable to use in philosophical debate when either they are used to define terms or used to provide counterexamples, or both.Any honest debater is justified in being concerned about plagiarism. From a philosophical standpoint, I see this as a moot point. I contend t...

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Two can be one


Can you actually prove to me that two can't be one? Waiting for you to accept the challenge. I believe that two can become one with so many proves...........

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Compatabilism is a flawed philosophical doctrine.


Many thanks in advance to whomever accepts this debate.I originally sent this challenge to Reasoning; however, like most people on this site, he declined my direct challenge. I don't see why considering not only is he a vehement Compatibilist, but so are some of the most brilliant philosophers in the world today. There is plenty of pro-Compatibilist information for my future opponent to steal from the internet, I can assure you. In fact it is the most popular position, so I will be arguing again...

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Ignorance is Bliss


I thank in advance whatever hapless soul the Norns have fated to take up this debate opposite me. Perhaps no-one will. I don't know yet, and that fact causes me a certain degree of trepidation. I do put effort into these debates, after all, and it would be most disappointing if after my work nobody thought this debate worth their time.If I knew in advance that no-one wanted to debate this with me, I could avoid making it in the first place, sparing myself a great deal of disappointment later on...

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Affirmative ActionUnd
Animal RightsPro
Barack ObamaUnd
Border FenceUnd
Civil UnionsPro
Death PenaltyCon
Drug LegalizationPro
Electoral CollegeUnd
Environmental ProtectionPro
Estate TaxUnd
European UnionPro
Federal ReserveUnd
Flat TaxUnd
Free TradePro
Gay MarriagePro
Global Warming ExistsPro
Gold StandardCon
Gun RightsCon
Internet CensorshipCon
Iran-Iraq WarCon
Labor UnionPro
Legalized ProstitutionPro
Medicaid & MedicareUnd
Medical MarijuanaPro
Military InterventionUnd
Minimum WagePro
National Health CarePro
National Retail Sales TaxUnd
Occupy MovementUnd
Progressive TaxPro
Racial ProfilingUnd
Smoking BanUnd
Social ProgramsPro
Social SecurityPro
Stimulus SpendingUnd
Term LimitsPro
United NationsPro
War in AfghanistanCon
War on TerrorCon

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