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About Me:I like to think of myself as having a high IQ, but to be honest, I've never been tested. So I could be just another mediocre speck of a human in a sea of mediocre specks. But that doesn't give me reason to not try to achieve the things that make me happy. I may be more of an idealist than anything, fixating on what my future holds and what I'm one day going to do, but I love procrastinating, so who knows. Right now, I'm just comfortable being me. I also try not to take things too seriously, and use humour and sarcasm as a defense mechanism. Embarrassing as it may be to admit, I'm a bit of a romantic. I think love, in whatever form it may take (family, relationships, or friends) is something that everyone needs in some form. I think all humans are capable of it, all humans need it, and all humans crave it. That being said, I'm not obsessed with the idea of being in a relationship. My last one didn't go too well, so until I find the right person, I'm cool just being me. Just existing.
Activities:Since I was 13 I've been obsessed with the guitar. I don't think a day has passed that I haven't played. I also adore movies and TV shows, maybe a little too much. A lot of my time is spent on those 3 things, guitar, movies, and TV. But I also love video games, books, and writing. I've had a passion for making up stories since I was a small child. This passion eventually manifested itself in the form of me writing short stories, and I'm currently in the planning stages of a screenplay. I honestly don't care if nothing ever comes of this passion, but it makes me happy, and it's something I want to do in my short time on this earth. I'm also very interested in psychology, philosophy, and science in general. It fascinates me, and I feel fulfilled when I learn something new about the world, or when I develop a philosophical theory and discover that I wasn't the only person to think of it.
Beliefs:I class myself, rather idealistically, as an optimistic realist. I recently got shit from a few friends when I mentioned this, but once I explained what I meant, they understood. To be honest, the realism comes first, followed by a healthy dose of optimism. I look at situations for what they truly are, down to the core, with as little bias or personal opinion as I can muster. And once I've done this, I find the good in that situation, and make that the part that counts. It's what keeps my hope in humanity intact. I think we're all capable of great things, whether it's on a grand scale or not. Our lives may be a speck of dust in the infinity that is our galaxy, and at times it all may seem pointless. It may look like a reason to give up. I say fuck that. That gives us more of a reason to try to make it worth something. Do what makes you happy, because if you spend your life trying to please others, you really will not enjoy yourself. Also, agnosticism is a thing.
Books:Though I read much, much less now than I did 5 years ago, I still have a huge respect for books and authors, and hope to one day, in some shape or form, write a book of my own. I loved John Green's 'The Fault In Our Stars'. I feel like it gets grouped as a romance novel way too often. Yes, it was incredibly sappy, but to me, it was also a book exploring the concept of existentialism and the effects it has on the human psyche. I also love Derek Landy's 'Skulduggery Pleasant' series. It's the most brilliant piece of fantasy fiction written in the past 10 years. Also the classics: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, A Song of Ice & Fire, etc.
Movies:This may be the toughest section to fill out. I am a self-proclaimed movie-buff. I love movies and every aspect of them. I love critiquing them, and I love just switching off and enjoying them. I love all genres also. I'm not picky. Action, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comedy. I've begun a Bluray collection containing any movie I deem worthy of owning. So far I'm 19 movies in. I plan to continue to expand this collection. If I had to pick my favourite movie, I would go mad. So here's a few that I fucking love. Pulp Fiction, Seven Psychopaths, The World's End, The Dark Knight, Shaun of the Dead, Fight Club, Django Unchained, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Dogma, Clerks, Mallrats, anything by Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, or Edgar Wright.
Music:Another difficult question. I love rock music in general, from more mainstream, softer rock like Coldplay and Kings of Leon to classic rock like Led Zeppelin and Rush, to heavy metal bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica. Favourite genres would be: heavy metal, hard rock, alternative metal, progressive metal, experimental metal, classic rock, glam metal, blues rock, blues, grunge, some metalcore and nu metal. Favourite bands (in no particular order): Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden, Stone Sour, Slipknot, Guns N' Roses, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Rush, System of a Down, Alter Bridge, Anthrax, Slayer, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Tenacious D.
Quotes:"But the dog gets away. Because you can't let the animals die in a movie, only the women."

"I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend."

Marty: "I don't have a drinking problem. I just like drinking."
Billy: "Of course you do, Marty. One: You're a writer. Two: You're from Ireland. It's part of your heritage. You're fucked from birth. The Spanish got bullfighting. The French got cheese. And the Irish have alcoholism."

Wheeler: "Did you know that bald eagles are known to engage in a bizarre mating ritual where two eagles fly upwards, lock talons, and fall towards the earth while rotating, separating almost before they crash into the ground, if and only if they consummate their bird fuck. If they don't, they are willing to accept their death by hard ground. It's the ultimate race against the clock."
Augie: "Why are you telling me this?"
Wheeler: "Why would I not?"
Sports Teams:The Holyhead Harpies, although the Kenmare Kestrels did well last season.
TV Shows:Another difficult to answer question. So I'll just list my favourites. How I Met Your Mother, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Friends, Scrubs, Suits, Modern Family, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Rick & Morty, Seinfeld, Community, Arrested Development, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fawlty Towers, South Park, Malcolm In The Middle. There are more, but I'm too tired to think of any.
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