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Metaphysics Debate


Okay, I feel like debating metaphysical stuff, but I don't know which, so here are some topics, if you want to go PRO for the topics I list, we can change them to the negative, so as not to confuse anyone. 1. If we accept agnosticism, you can't prove anything. 2. If life is really but a dream, then we should still live it like it is reality. 3. Empirical evidence is not logically sound. 4. "Beyond a reasonable doubt" is an unreasonable burden of proof. (The argument I have for this will be...

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God is natural, we just live in a supernatural world.


The idea is very simple. First, I will define natural and supernatural, as well as other definitions that I feel are helpful. Natural: based on an inherent sense of right and wrong 2 a: being in accordance with or determined by nature b: having or constituting a classification based on features existing in nature Supernatural: departing from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature b: attributed to an invisible agent (as a ghost or spirit). Wo...

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Americans are ruled by the "Tyranny of Popular Opinion".


Americans are ruled by popular opinion. We talk a lot and understand little. For Example: Music Some people think rap is bad, others think rap is good. Ask a person why they think rap is bad or good and they will find it difficult to explain themselves, or, at best, they will give vague and superficial explanations. Granted that opinion has existed for ages, we Americans have taken it to a new level. We live for our opinions and love our bias. We have taken it so far that we are afraid...

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Most people don't know anything about politics, they just think they do. USA politics debate


I would prefer a Democrat to take this debate, though a republican would be fine as well. I have been away for awhile, yet upon decoding Machiavelli's "Discourses on Livy", I felt compelled to come back and continue to argue my point that Americans view the world through biased eyes. Feel free to argue that you think that Machiavelli is a cruel man without moral, but only if you have read something other than "The Prince". For whatever reason our generation thinks we know everything,...

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The media influences citzen support on behalf of Washington agendas.


On December 18th, The FCC voted to allow newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership. This allows companies like General Electric to buy newspapers to add to the slew of News channels already in their ownership. Why is this a problem? When large companies own the majority of news sources, the U.S. government allows them to use the public airwaves for free, creating a profit of billions of dollars. By doing this, the government holds considerable leverage over the companies who control the news. T...

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