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Legalizing Openly Gay Soliders in the Military


If I'm gay, then I have the the right to be in the military just like any straight person. All I want is to serve my country and be able to be me at the same time. It isn't fair for anyone to tell me that my sexual orientation is okay, but also tell me that I don't have the same rights as a straight person. It is unbelievably discriminatory. The military has the "Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy". They allow gay soldiers in, but you can't tell anyone. They classify it as a mental illness, but don...

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Sarah Palin is not ready for possible Vice Presidency


Allow me to first define the Debate specifically. Sarah Palin Vice presdential nominne for the Republican Party is not ready to be the Vice President of the united States of America Seeing as how Sarah Palin has zero foriegn policy experience and absolutely no experience dealing with National Econonmy, policy, or laws. She cannot possibly be ready for the task of being Vice President and god forbid Presidnt should happen to the Republican nominee John Mccain.I make three basic and simpl...

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The West is better than the East


This isn't for you baseball fans (because we all know Boston is better than LA). This is not about being culturally sensitive or about being the United States, this is about Western values (rationalism, self-criticism, the disinterested search for truth, the separation of church and state, the rule of law and equality under the law, freedom of thought and expression, human rights, and liberal democracy) being better for the world. It was the West that took steps to abolish slavery; the cal...

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Satanism is a detriment to the United States of America.


Satanism as defined by as the worship of Satan powers of evil as being diabolical and and having a satanic disposition and behaviour. Seeing as how Satanism ENCOURAGES people to commit illegal activity and horrifying beahvaiour let it be resolved that Satanism is a burden upon this great nation. In a documentay on the History Channel High Priest of the Church of Satan Peter H. Gilmore said "Do what makes you happy!If taking thing fufills you individual pleasure then do it!If sex f...

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The United States Federal Government should not continue to encourage patriotism in schools.


This is for anyone looking for a well-rounded debate. Resolved: The United States Federal Government should not continue to encourage patriotism to in schools. Definiotns provided by Continue-to go on with or persist in. Encourage-to promote, advance, or foster. Patriotism- devoted love, support, and defense of one's country; national loyalty. Schools- institutions where instruction is given, esp. to persons under college age. My argument is that students s...

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