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Ideology:Conservative Education:Some College
Party:Republican Party Ethnicity:White
Relationship:Single Income:$25,000 to $35,000
Interested:in Women Occupation:Labor
Looking:Friendship Religion:Christian - Baptist
About Me:Hi everyone I'm Kylar. I am a 20 year old evangelical free conservative Christian. However, I have a bit of Lutheranism on some doctrines and beliefs. I am against gay marriage, and abortion, but am very Pro Death Penalty. I love debating any topic, and am fascinated with the bible and history, nautical history preferred. I am also a very avid movie watcher, and I love Once Upon A Time. I love live action movies, and I am a Disney fan, mostly of the villains. I am also an extreme book lover, I own 1100 books, and I read the news every morning and evening, I prefer usually Fox, and the BBC for my news networks . I love morbid macabre humor, and have a passion for The Addams Family and any macabre would you rather. If it's death humor you want come to me :). I am a very fun person and I love to socialize. Just message me and I'll chat. I have facebook-message me privatley to get my fb address. I have Asperger's syndrome as well, and am easily susceptible to anxiety attacks.
Activities:I love reading about Dubai and the United Kingdom. I also love Golfing, Curling, going to church, watching YouTube, reading the bible, studying history, and reading the news every morning, afternoon and evening. I also enjoy debates on any topic, feel free to challenge me to anything you like (even funny ones). I am also a deep book reader, tending towards nonfiction, theology and devotional works mainly, with a number of Titanic books and ship books also. Macabre humor also I love a lot. I also enjoy studying politics, I love to pray and I run a prayer page on Facebook. I speak English, Spanish, and some French, Catalan, Latin, German, and Hebrew
Beliefs:I believe totally in God and his son Jesus Christ the Savior, who died and rose again for me! I am vehemently against abortion, as it is murder in my beliefs, and gay marriage. I am a hymn singing Wesleyan Baptist, but I believe in the power of liturgical services and denominations (i.e. sign of the cross, Latin prayers, the recitation of the Lord's Prayer). I also believe in a pre-tribulation rapture, and the tribulation, and literal millennial reign of Christ, followed by the eternal state. In essence, I follow the Apostle's Creed to the letter.
Books:The Holy Bible, The Left Behind Series, and Revalation Unveiled by Tim La Haye. I also love the book Are We Living In The End Times by Tim Lahaye oh, did I mention the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit and Chronicles of Narnia
Movies:Alice In Wonderland, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Left Behind I-III, King of Kings 1961, The Addams Family and Addams Family Values, Titanic, A Night To Remember, The Great Ships: The Clippers
Music:Christian Hymns, some CCM and almost everything in Classical Instrumental Music I can't stand most secular songs, except Christmas and a little bit of Elvis I do like Heaven is a place on earth by belinda carsile
Quotes:"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do"-Jesus Christ
"The Lord our God, The Lord Is One"-Deuteronmy 6:4
"Go forth in the direction of your dreams..."-Henry David Thoreau
"Worthy is the lamb, seated on the throne!"
"Thank you for the Cross, Lord, thank you for the price YOU paid, bearing all my sin and shame, in love you came, and gave amazing grace. Thank you for this love Lord, thank you for the nail pierced hands."
"Nearer My God To Thee, Nearer To Thee," (the entire hymn)
"There is always hope"-Aarogon
"By faith this mountain shall be moved..for we know in Christ all things are possible for all who call upon his name! Till the race be finished and the work is done, we'll walk by faith and not by sight."
Sports Teams:Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks, Wisconsin Badgers, PHS Curling
TV Shows:Sue Thomas FBEYE, Once Upon A Time, Emergency
Maranatha Baptist Bible College Inc, Undergraduate Class of 2020
Watertown, Wisconsin, United States

Water Vs Fire


I believe that Water could beat fire anytime.If there was a fire, water could beat it easily. Water is also good for you.It allows you to have water, shower, dishes, and ect....

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PS4 is better than X box


I think PS4 is way better than X box because the PS4 has way more better games(Just for fun)...

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Coaches should not be allowed to yell at their players


Hey everybody :)! This is a challenge to anyone who wishes to have a pleasant debate with me. I believe with all my heart a coach should be forbidden to yell at their players. I find it in poor taste, and embarrassing. I will develop this in later rounds. First round=Acceptance. Good luck!...

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Cory Booker vs Steve Bullock for the Democrat Nomination in 2020


This is a challenge to my friend Nd2400 to debate me over who should be the Democrat Presidential nominee in 2020-Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, or Governor Steve Bullock of Montana. I will be taking the con position in arguing that Bullock would be a better Democrat nominee for Presidential nominee. I ask my friend to take the position of Booker being a better candidate. First round-acceptance. Good luck my friend :)...

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Curling is a sport


This is a challenge to a debate over whether or not curling [ice and broom and stone] is a sport. I look forward to a rousing and interesting debate on this subject. Having played III seasons of curling in high school, ultimately lettering in it, I will be making the case that curling is in fact a sport. The burden of proof that it is not rests on my opponent. I am excited for this debate, and hope to have a good, civil, kind, and well thought out debate. Thank you in advance to whoever wishes t...

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