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About Me:Hi, I'm Stephanie. Call me Steph or Steffi. :]
Activities:I obviously love competition debate. I also enjoy trigonometry, philosophy, and literature. I sing and play guitar often as well. I write music and lyrics for my band. I volunteer at a therapeutic horseback riding center, helping the mentally handicapped with their riding therapy. School is the most important to me though. I looooove school. :]
Books:Shakespeare plays are my favorite. Most of my free reading time is spent on Shakespeare.
Movies:I love psychological movies. Whether they be horror or thriller or even drama, if there is some sort of psychological part to the plot, I'll most likely enjoy it. A few favorites are Constantine, Seven, the Saw series, The Butterfly Effect, The Village, and Signs.
Music:I love ALL music. I listen to everything from classical to heavy metal. I consider myself to be somewhat of a music junkie. :]
Sports Teams:Green Bay Packers, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Cubs, Indianapolis Colts..
TV Shows:I don't really watch TV honestly.
High School:
Laporte High School, Class of 2011
La Porte, Indiana, United States
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The purchase of health care insurance in the United States should be mandatory.


I was inspired to do this by a bill we debated for Congress last week. I think I'll just post some of the details of this bill so we have some sort of outline for the debate. Details. -The cost of coverage has significantly risen in recent years. -Many nations which are not as wealthy or as well off as the United States are able to provide affordable medical care for their entire constituencies. -The federal government must subsidize those who cannot afford to purchase adequate insurance...

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