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About Me:I'm an Communist. Effectually this means that I am Socialist in U.S. policies and an Atheist by personal belief. My religious views are strong and unyielding, I have no problem insulting your stupid and incorrect religion, which no matter what you worship, it is. Capitalism is bad, simple as that, I am well read on this topic and will defend my claim. I am a policy debater for Edgemont High School and lean Kritical in debate. I dislike Bush and his politics for many reasons, but I disliked both of his opponents nearly as much. I am not a conspiracy theorist, loose change is worthless. I am very radical in my views, and do very strongly believe what I say. I can not spell, this is not a reason why my arguments are wrong, please do not frame it as one. I am not going to Hell, and I don't find that a convincing argument, please refrain from telling me I am wrong on this point.
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Quotes:"The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them." - Karl Marx

In the 1900's specifically, limiting dissent during wartime was in the best interest of America.


You never know what kind of talk will set someone off, better safe than sorry. That talk of say, Eugene V. Debs who was giving the speech about resentment of the draft got him thrown in jail....

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Can Communism really work?


Lucan, while communism is very appealing on paper I fail to see how it could work in reality without the existence of a group of morally perfect people. 1. Greed will undermine the system. While I believe that most people are to a greater or lesser degree good what does a communist government do with those few greedy people who refuse to cooperate? If we force them to cooperate then we abridge their rights. If we do not then the system begins to come apart as we have looters taking from what...

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You can't reasobly be 100% sure that you are reading/engaging in this debate, but you R fairly sure.


You to be sure of absolutely nothing, it is flat-out impossible for you to be 100% sure that anything perceived by any of you're five senses, or conclusions you make, from external influences or internal influences are correct. The world you live in is solely composed of signals received by the brain. You can not be sure that you are reading this debate. For the sake of pondering, I will present a hypothetical...You are actually having a dream. The dream actually started 2 minutes ago, no ma...

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Religion should be abolished.


I'd like to start a debate on the merits of religion. My position that religion is not only an ignorant idea but also it is a dangerous entity to embrace. Religion encourages hatred of other races, silences dissent, stunts science, and genocide. By rejecting the notion of religion we can solve for a substantial cause for the justifications of these problems. Religion also indoctrinates youth which is dangerous because it does not allow for children to get the facts of this world and leads...

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USFG should lift the Prostitution Loyalty Oath, Needle Sharing Ban, and Abstience programs in SSA.


ABC (Abstinence, Be faithful, Condoms)programs were successful in Uganda for a single reason, the C, Condoms. The proof is the status quo, seeing as now, with a condom shortage in the Uganda the HIV infection rate has begun to rise again, after years of sharp decrease. This condom shortage is thanks to the Evangelic right in the United States. Using the effectiveness of ABC as their explaination the US conservatives have begun a campaign to rid SSA (Subsarharra Africa). This attack on condoms is...

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Term LimitsCon
United NationsPro
War in AfghanistanCon
War on TerrorCon

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