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Beliefs:Nihilism, Hedonism, Materialism I suppose. I was raised as a Christian in a positive environment which has given me a favorable outlook on Christians in general, though I have since become an atheist myself, I am not an antitheist yet in life. Though it seems a contradiction, what I hold close to my heart and act to is rather conventional with everyone else in morality and values I would say. I don't mean that others share my three aforementioned values, but that even with those three thoughts often in my head I share most other peoples values as well. Of what is right or wrong, in action or existence. Here in the United States Anyway.
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"Love is just fondness and familiarity"
"I'll feel happy later"
"What a person says on a subject says more about the person than the subject."
- I say that.
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God exists


First round is for acceptance or argument making if you prefer....

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If a crime fighting vigilante like Spiderman or Batman existed, He should be stopped.


(Yes, I'm aware that they're fictional) In the PS4 game, Into the Spiderverse, J. Jonah Jameson's podcast makes the argument that Spideman should receive police training and become a part of the official law enforcement if he really wants to stand for justice in New York. And he's not wrong. In the game, Many people get hurt by Spiderman, Who isn't just harmlessly webbing it up. He swings heavy riot shields at the bad guys, Which could definitely result in bodily harm. Ya know what, Just wa...

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In pursuit of immortality


I would prefer to debate someone who does not believe in any afterlife, Since the existence of an afterlife would make this debate pointless in the fashion I intend. And would turn this into a debate about the existence of said afterlife rather than the debate that I want. So hey, What I'd like this debate to be about is the pursuit of being alive more than other pursuits so to speak. I'm also positing that immortality in the form of stopping cancer and aging is possible to discover in the f...

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Should we detract our children from being exposed to vulgar and mean Xbox chats?


I think that our children should be exposed to these things because, It makes them learn several lessons. One, They learn how to defend themselves and not be wussies in the future. Two, The children can gain a reputation of their own and they can feel how responsibility is to have....

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The Death Penalty


This debate will be on the death penalty. I will be arguing against the death penalty being a good thing. My opponent who will be 'pro' will argue in favour of the death penalty. Whoever my opponent will be I would like to wish them good luck and hope for an interesting and fun debate. Here is my reasoning on why the death penalty is a bad thing. One of the strongest reasons I think why the death penalty is a bad idea is the amount of innocent people that it has killed. The justice syste...

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