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About Me:Shallow education. A bit rambly. A bit lacking in coherence at times. Generally meh. I'm usually a rather friendly and polite person I'd say, although I do have lapses on occasion.
Activities:Hm, grew up in a tight knit family, 3rd child of 4 kids. Didn't excel or fall behind much in school, mostly read books and ignored other people. Lazed around for a few years after high school, got bothered by lack of purpose and money, and parasitic lifestyle, joined navy for five years. Training ended up being a year somehow, worked as a tech in a short term inpatient psych ward for four years never got higher in rank than E3. Didn't do bad, didn't do great. Did alright, was liked well enough by coworkers I suppose, and I myself rather liked them. Got out of the military. Not much since then. I like to read books, read online, watch YouTube, night walks, eat food, stay in passable physical health. Look at the Moon, the beach, the forest, and other scenic views, usually during walks.
Beliefs:Nihilism, Hedonism, Materialism I suppose. I was raised as a Christian in a positive environment which has given me a favorable outlook on Christians in general, though I have since become an atheist myself, I am not an antitheist yet in life. Though it seems a contradiction, what I hold close to my heart and act to is rather conventional with everyone else in morality and values I would say. I don't mean that others share my three aforementioned values, but that even with those three thoughts often in my head I share most other peoples values as well. Of what is right or wrong, in action or existence. Here in the United States Anyway.
Books:Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Movies:Cyrano de Bergerac (1950) The Point (1971) Jason and the Argonauts (1963)
Music:Usually whatever I happen to be listening to in the moment, though I do like some music, better than other music.
Quotes:"Another Day"
"Love is just fondness and familiarity"
"I'll feel happy later"
"What a person says on a subject, often says more about the person, than the subject."
- I say that.
Sports Teams:I don't really watch sports.
TV Shows:Seinfeld.
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Gov should guarantee every citizens a job


Definitions Unemployment: the term for when a person who is actively seeking a job is unable to find work Citizen: a person who is a member of a particular country and who has rights because of being born there or because of given rights, Or a people who lives in a particular town or city Arguments A: Raising taxes will anger people. R: Guaranteeing jobs to every citizen needs a lot of money. America"s population is about 328. 2 million, And Korea's population is about 51. 71 million peo...

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Updated 2 Months Ago

Is faith a reliable path to knowledge?


Faith doesn"t bring us beyond reason, As amply shown by the fact that not a single problem " be it scientific, Philosophical or socio-political " has ever been solved or even mildly mitigated by faith. On the contrary, Faith has a nasty tendency to make bumbling simpletons of us, To waste our energies, Time and resources on pursuit that do not improve the human condition, And at its worst it convinces people to drive planes into skyscrapers, Or to mount "holy" crusades to slaughter the "infidel....

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Updated 3 Months Ago

We should abolish the 13th amendment


We should abolish the 13th amendment. Slavery is 100% wrong regardless of who is the one keeping slaves and it should absolutely not be permitted. If we abolish the 13th amendment we can finally make slavery illegal. Currently, The 13th amendment permits slavery and tells the goverment when they're allowed to keep slaves. If we abolish it completely, There are plenty of labor laws that would make slavery illegal and there wouldn't be the 13th amendment loophole that tells the governement when th...

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Updated 4 Months Ago

Why do religious people have kids?


An interesting question for all of you religious lunatics out there. ( We will assume God exists in this one) If you know that the offspring you make could be subject to everlasting pain, Anguish, And fire in hell then why have them? At first, It sounds like a dumb question but think about it deeper. If there's a chance of your future kids burning forever why take it? It seems evil to do. No, It IS evil to do so....

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Updated 4 Months Ago

Circumcision on male infants is immoral unless medically necessary.


For clarification, I am not talking about adults consenting to circumcision. I am ONLY talking about male infants where it is not medically necessary. For example a medical necessity could look like a possible burn injury if the baby fell into a fire and the foreskin would have to be removed due to physical trauma. Another example could be if the baby contracts a UTI that can only be fixed by removing the foreskin to allow for proper healing. It is in cases like I've described that I believe cir...

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