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Medicare for all in the United States won't work with the federal budget in constant debt.


We can't have a medicare for all when our federal spending exceeds revenue. Other countries might have a national healthcare along with other social safety nets and it has put them at deficit as well. In the US, Almost half of our budget is in military spending while another almost half is spent on medicare and social security and the rest on foreign aid etc. Other than medicare obviously being replaced by a true national healthcare system, We still have a large spending on military that's aroun...

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I'm Pro affirmative action: Change my mind.


By affirmative action I mean mechanisms such as quotas or all female shortlists for certain positions. These should occur in the workplace, At colleges and in general education in order to fix the problem of discrimination against marginalised groups and underrepresentation of women and ethnic minorities in top positions. I look forward to my opponent's argument and hope this will be a productive debate. A forfeit is an automatic loss by the way. I am Pro so I am justifying affirmati...

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All Abortion should be legal up to 20 weeks of pregnancy


Abortion is the terminating of a pregnancy due to the removal of an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside of the uterus. When I say "All Abortion" I mean that women should have the right to choose to abort a pregnancy in any circumstance as long as the pregnancy has not lasted more than the current legal period of 20 weeks. Abortion post-20 weeks risks causing pain and suffering to a conscious human being which could survive outside the womb and thus is immoral. First round is ju...

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Creationism should be banned from science classes


Teaching creationism is in school science classes is only ever the indoctrination of children. Our children have the right to understand that some people have different points of view (however stupid). However, They also have the right to be taught what's true in school. Science is the study of the natural world and therefore natural and factually correct information is the only information that should be taught. Religious education classes are where creationism should be taught. Students should...

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Israel should be punished


Let's be clear. Israel has the right to exist. I am not a Hamas sympathiser and I believe in Israel's right to be a safe, Secure nation state free from attacks from hostile factions. However, Palestine also has the same rights. In fact, Palestine has equal rights as a nation state as Israel. UN agreements recognise the Palestinian area as consisting of both a Jewish Israeli state and an Arab Palestinian state. "The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine was a proposal by the United...

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