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What is the purpose of Atheism?


This is not a debate, nessecarily. Since the topic is a question, I'll say that, I am Con, because I disagree with Atheism as a whole, and I'll let an atheist or someone with a good idea of how atheism works take the Pro position. Now, for my first round, I'll let you answer a question or two that I haven't been able to answer on my own. What is the purpose of Atheism? What can be gained from being a Atheist? If my opponent is interested, I am a Christian. I can't make an argument u...

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The theory of evolution is a lie. We did not come from monkeys!


1 debate per person please. I can't imagine how you can believe we came from monkeys. doesn't it just make more sense to just say we adapted? Just because we changed our environment doesn't mean we automativally can mutate ourselves and just "evolve." When people get mutetions, they suffer from various illnesses. Can you name me ONE mutation that is positive? Just one. That's all I'm asking for. You can't, simply because there is none. We are made in the image of God, our heavenly father, so...

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The Big Bang Theory Does Not Require A Singularity At T=0


There is a common mistake regarding the Big Bang Theory that all correct formulations of it require a singularity to occur at the very beginning of time. This is based on the flawed assumption that general relativity is applicable by itself during all periods of time going back to pre-Planck Time. This is simply not so: I seek to show that the need for quantum gravity arises before time zero occurs, and that recent findings in quantum gravity demonstrate that a singularity does not actually occu...

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Abortion should be made illegal


say that it should be legal because people are going to do it anyway - is it not worth saving many more lives (the lives of the mothers) than letting them die getting back-alley abortions? What do you people think? Remember, this isn't about whether abortion is right or wrong (there are more than enough of those already) - this is about whether it should be legal or not. 6 reasons to vote NEG Government gets to control a woman's body. By making abortion illegal, you're introducing a...

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Evolution is wrong


Evolution is the foundation for the many scientists we hear about, the many shows we watch, and the many text books we read. All of them sound so sure and make evolution sound like a fact. How could everyone be wrong? They couldn't could they? Think, is evolution a fact or a false theory? I will start from the being. Life is often portrayed as spontaneously arising from some sort of "primordial soup". There it is ... quiet, tranquil, warm nutrients in a primitive sea, a lightning strike in the d...

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