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About Me:I'm a brony. Deal with it. I watch the show and buy some merchandise. Next about me is I obsess over computers. I find them the most amazing invention ever (including the fact I even built one). This also goes along with fact I play a lot of video games. I know there is a lot else to know about me ,and I could go rambling on for days ,but that is all I want you to know about me.
Activities:Chess ,video games ,mountain biking ,and listening to music. Thats about all besides school for now. has the online books bronies make for free. The site has a few good reading gems I have to say.
Movies:What ever is not rated R and current in movie theaters.
Music:Brony music ,I just love the music bronies make ,its awesome.
Quotes:"I know of two things that are infinite ,the universe and human stupidity ,but I'm not quite sure about the universe yet." - Einstein
Sports Teams:None I'm not interested in sports that much.
TV Shows:MLP ,hacking the system ,and Dark Matter.
High School:
West Lake Jr High, Class of 2021
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
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Nothing truly lasts forever.


We live in a universe of entropy. A place that by definition will break down into disorder no matter what. It is because of this I find it hard to believe that anything could live past our universes day of death (or near it). Now my question to con is; is there anything by definition that can live forever truly? (Inanimate objects count) Also this is my first debate so thank you for accepting this. (I don't intend to win so long as I learn something new)....

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