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"Meanwhile I do not deny that it is helpful sometimes to contemplate in the mind, as on a tablet, the image of a greater and better world, lest the intellect, habituated to the petty things of daily life, narrow itself and sink wholly into trivial thoughts. But at the same time we must be watchful for the truth and keep a sense of proportion, so that we may distinguish the certain from the uncertain, the day from the night."--Thomas Burnert in Archaeologiae Philosophicae (1692)

R1 of RR Debate Tourney: USM vs MiG


This is a story debate. Both sides, PRO and CON, are to build a story together. The debater who's rounds are more interesting, better written, and overall more superior wins the debate. S/G and conduct are to be given out as usual; sources will not be given out. Arguments go to the person who wrote the better story. Plot, prose and characterization are all going to be important. If there are any questions, please leave them in the comments.This a part of the Round-Robin Debate Tournament hosted...

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Sources, &ct for Debate


This "debate" will seek as an occasional refuge for the both of us to share our sources and brief notes. A restriction is, however, that the note needed cannot surpass more than 3000 characters.:)Not to be voted on but to be referred to when voting on the corresponding debate.First: Justification for a spiritual conformity with God.A brief note on spiritual conformity between man and god can be relegated; spiritual conformity can be witnessed by the very transposed image, and likeness (Genesis,...

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The Devil is on balance a better role model than God


===Resolution===This debate will be dealing with the relevant characters in the forms represented by Christianity and the Christian Bible. Whether one of the characters is a better role model will be with regards to their actions represented in the Bible. Note though that no religion will necessarily be assumed to be correct. ===Definitions===The Devil: a fallen angel who rebelled against God. The Devil is often identified as the serpent in the Garden of Eden, whose persuasions led to the two co...

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The United States was founded on Christianity


The subject of this debate shall be 'The United States was founded on Christianity'. The burden of proof is equally shared between Pro and I.Rules of the Debate- No ad hominem attacks.- Dropped points are considered concessions- Sources for major points should be providedThe first round is for acceptance. Good luck!...

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vaccines may cause autism.


I believe vaccines are responsible for many autism cases. I invite an opponent to dispute this. Some definitions need to be clarified, any uncertain phrases can be discussed in the comments, but the most important definitions being: Autism Spectrum: a range of conditions including autism, Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), characterized by. Social difficulties, stereotyped or repetitive behaviors and interests, and in some cases, cognitive del...

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