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Beliefs:I suppose it's important for me to clarify what my past debates represent in the current day. It's important for anyone in a position of power to remain transparent, I believe that. I also believe that's what my past debates represent, my willingness to state my opinion, even if that opinion held is unpopular. After all, what would this site be if not for the unpopular, conflicting opinions that we all ultimately have? I don't consider those debates a stain on my image, rather, I regard them as proof of my willingness to explore, test and indeed question. They attest to my claim that I am open minded and skeptical, a thinker and a humble debater on a road to expand my knowledge and convictions.
Quotes:"Voting is a skill that must be taught" -Socrates

Gay Marriage Is Absolutely Okay


The subject of gay marriage is one that has been hotly debated for decades, Ever since the early 1980s when the rates of young people coming out as LGBTQ+ steeply increased. This is an issue that affects up to 10% of the American population today, Including myself. It's a question of fundamental human rights: in our very Declaration of Independence, Jefferson cited Locke's trinity of rights: "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, That all Men are created equal, That they are endowed by their...

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It is probable that God exists


As Pro, I will affirm the resolution by arguing that it is probable that God exist, Meaning that it is more likely than not that God exist. I would like to note that I will not be arguing for a particular God, Like the Christian, Jewish, Or Islamic God. Rather, I will be arguing for the existence of a maximally great being with great properties such as omniscience, Omnipotence, Etc. Round 1: Acceptance onlyRound 2: Arguments onlyRound 3: Rebuttals to arguments givenRound 4: Defending the argumen...

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White people have a culture


White people have a culture, I would like a SJW to accept this, Or a black lives matter nig. Thx. Djksp cannot vote....

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Class assignment.


Imagine if you could re-do school but with your current intelligence. Not only would the work you produce blow the teachers mind, But you could have a little bit of fun. The assignment here is simple, Imagine you're back in class and have been asked to write a piece of fiction. Attempt to amaze the teacher and your class mates. [1] As is custom in school, The first round will be planing. Where you layout potential settings, Character and narratives. [2] The second round will be dedicated t...

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It is reasonable to assume JFK was shot by a nigger


Indeed, Within America the black man has always been the black sheep (the odd one out) which is why we must address the African elephant in the room, Did a black man shoot JFK? The truth is we don't know who killed JFK, But we can take a bloody good educated guess. For us to understand who killed JFK, It is important for us to analyse the probability of the gun man being black. [1] Who has hate and resentment for the slave trade era? Indeed the answer would be black people, Thus we hav...

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