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Restrictions on school lunchPosted 5 years Ago

At 4/27/2014 5:47:22 PM, englishdebate wrote:
I believe that private schools should not have restrictions on their meal choices, since they are not funded by the government. I do believe that lower schools (grades k-5) should give healthy meal options to their students. These children are still young and should be guided to eat properly. However middle schools and high school students are old enough to decide for themselves and will do whatever they want to. Even if a school does restrict meals to their students, at this age they aware of what they are putting into their bodies. In middle school and high school these students will have their own responsibility to eat healthy and to maintain a good diet.

But are Middle School kids not easily susceptible their physical desires? Even High School kids that lack self control, which is not such a crazy thing to imagine, will eat poorly if not steered in the right direction by the school menu. Schools must take control and stop allowing children, regardless of their ages make decisions that can effect them negatively in the long run. It is up to schools to take care of their students and although students may disagree it is in their best interest at the end of the day.
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