The so called Christians on here have no friends


I mean real friends. People who care for them. Dsjpk5 has had time to vote on 2070 debates. He must be a right loser sat in front of his computer as the dildo in his brain rattles around with nothing better to do. Or look at Kvng_8. Cry baby can do nothing but throw their toys out of the pram rather than admit they lost. Give me one tiny piece of proof that any of them have anything that can be called a real friend. Rules: only people wanting to vote for me may participate in the...

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Christians are brainwashed


My arguments are as follows: 1. Nobody has ever proved that the Bible is true. EVER. You have to be dumb or still in kindergarten to believe it. 2. The Christians on here constantly vote for their dumb side even though it has been kicked and kicked. Backwardseden has constantly outwitted each and every one of you however how many debates has he won? That's because losers such as Dsjpk5 with no friends votes him down. Boo Rules Dsjpk5 is disqualified from any voting procedures for this d...

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