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Enhancement Suggestions and Bug ReportingPosted 2 years Ago

I too am having issues posting opinion questions. This makes me wonder if they are actively censoring questions that go against the liberal agenda. Funny how people are so free to ask if Trump is evil or should be impeached but when questions are made about democrat policy, The system tends to be so busy that the processing indicator spins until you eventually give up trying to submit it. We know there is evidence that Google has censored results so is this because of their affiliation with Google or is this a political practice of their own? Either way, It's undermines the intent of a debate site and should be stopped.
If I am wrong and there is an actual reason why certain questions/opinions have issues with being submitted, Please give them and the actions you plan to take to correct this problem.
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Enhancement Suggestions and Bug ReportingPosted 5 years Ago

Not sure what the problem is. It has been a while (weeks) since I have seen any new opinions posted. Is this the same for everyone or what? I am also wondering if this is related to so many people coming on here to type gibberish or other rude comments. I hope this issue is worked out soon. Thanks.
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The Atheist DelusionPosted 7 years Ago

At 4/4/2014 11:04:31 PM, Installgentoo wrote:
Atheists will often say "we do not believe in God because there is no evidence for the existence of a divine being". "The wise man", wrote Hume, "proportions his beliefs to the evidence for them". This is a statement of a philosophy which is known as "evidentialism". Evidentialism holds that evidence must exist for all doxastic statements, such as "there is a God". This is all well and good, but what about the doxastic stance atheists take by saying that they disbelieve in God? This stance, no matter with what certainty it is assumed, also requires evidence for it.

If there is no evidence for the absence of God, the atheist is deluded. He has taken a stance contrary to his stated one about the matter of God existing.
Problem with your idea is that before an atheist takes his stance "there is no god", a theists has to take his stance "there is a God"
Because the theists has no evidence to base his statement, an atheist does not need to take his stance at all but only does in order to negate false information.
If I claimed that the center of Pluto was made of cotton candy, and you could not provide a core sample to prove otherwise, by your logic, even though science can logically deduce that it is made of rock, they must be deluded because they have no proof my statement is wrong, so till they provide proof of a rock centered Pluto, everyone should believe in the cotton candy center Pluto.
Hitchen's Razor: What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
Does this not make atheists as deluded as the theists they mock?

Think about it.
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If <----> ThenPosted 7 years Ago

IF you believe that Christianity is false......
THEN you cannot logically believe you once were a Christian.

In this case, your logic is wrong.
I grew up in a Christian family and believed that God and Jesus where real. I was asked a question about ghosts and seeing that I did not believe i them formed a logical conclusion as to why they can not exist. Later I did this with other supernatural beings such as vampires and werewolves but eventually I turned the same logic to gods and concluded that gods can not exist. By default that made me an atheist because I denied the existence of all deities.
Seeing that I fully believed in God and Jesus means that I once was a Christian. Seeing that I am now atheists means that I believe Christianity is false.
This is an If / Then I like to use when people mention intelligent design.
If you claim that everything, especially something complex like the universe, needed to be created,
Then something as complex as you god would also need to be created because obviously it would be even more complex than what it created. That god would need to be created by an even more complex god, and so on till there is an infinite lineage of more powerful gods.
If you claim that your complex god has always existed in some form and then created the universe,
Then you also have to admit that a less complex universe could have always existed in some form. and was created by natural laws.
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