Should sites used for gaming have tighter restrictions on the social media interface?


I believe that we should have tighter restrictions on what can be said online in gaming chats and what people can see. since the number of people who are being targeted on gaming sites is getting larger every year, due to new games coming out. here is some links and proof I've provided. GROOMING: "is the process by which a child predator gains the trust of a victim by building a relationship with the child and then breaking down his or her defenses. After the predator has built a foundation o...

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Why would anyone "want" to believe in god?


Count all the people god wants to murder. Taken from I tacked on a little bit in the middle as this article missed a little bit as I’m sure I also missed a little. Nevertheless its really quite sick, disgusting and perverted. But it is a slap to the fact to christians of truth. OK here we go...If you look in the Bible, there are an amazing number of people that God wants his followers to murder. For example, in Exodus 35:2 God lays down this...

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