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Do I have the right to vote for Jesus for President and the Apostle Paul as His VP?


Yes, I am serious. I just don't believe in the available candidates, and as a moderate who has failed at all political parties and wants to retain political commentary rights, I will be voting for Jesus Christ, Independent, and Apostle Paul, Independent for POTUS and VPOTUS respectively. I have the religious and political rights to vote for whomever I wish, I am 37 years old from conception, and I don;t care what the Republicrat Party thinks of my personal choices. I could always refuse to vote,...

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Is onlyism regarding a Bible translation a cult?


I say yes. I used to be an onlyist regarding the KJV and then the NKJV respectively, and I feel fear for leaving that movement. It is okay to use thinking skills and question a particular passage in a translation, but with the rare case of the JW translation which leaves the reader questioning the faithfulness of the translation, most translations are 90-99% faithful depending on the translation method respectively, but again, this is a Colossians 2 issue, not a John 14:6 issue. https://www.gotq...

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As a moderate Christian, I strive to find a balance between the cross, and individuality.


On the one hand, I need Jesus, on the other, it is okay to be an individual. The time and the place for almost everything according to Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. The only perfect religious Person is Jesus, and those that repent of all sins, confess Him as Lord, and testify about the new relationship with God in human flesh will receive help from the Holy Spirit. If you meed me to prove something, let me know. I chose the 10,000 character max....

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Can people be born free if they are not free to be born?


I am taking the negative position that people can't be born free, if they are not free to be born, and pro is taking the positive position. I want pro to go first just to see where he os she is coming from, so I can present my case. Also, I will prove the personhood of the fetus and the right of all persons to live. Happy debating....

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I don't want to support abortion. Do I have that right?


Yes I have wavered in my right to life stance, but I am sorry and remain committed to the right of all people to live and not be tortured. Killing a human person outside of preserving you immediate safety or that of someone else is murder. It's called birth control or CONENTING women having their tubes removed, not relying on homicide as birth control. How can I call myself a human right advocate if I think elective homicide is ethical? I was a fetus, and while I am also a free speech advocate t...

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