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God Exists.


Burden of proof is on the believer. Definitions: God: "Creator and ruler of the universe, a being omnipotent, omniscient, perfect, and eternal." Exists: " To have objective reality or being." The believer will be arguing that God (any God) exists in objective reality, I will be arguing that he doesn't. Rules: 1. No forfeiting 2. No ad hominems Only accept if you accept the definitions and terms of the debate. Message me if interested....

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If Gender is subjective, then it has no practical usage


A contentious issue today is gender identification. Many individuals no longer believe that gender is binary and is instead on a spectrum. If this is so, and gender is subjective to this or that person, then I propose that gender no longer has any practical usage and we should get rid of "gender" altogether and instead use only our biological sex to identify our human species, male and female. My opponent's goal in this debate is to prove that if gender is subjective, it still has practical...

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god according to the bible would ---not--- use text as a form of communication


god according to the bible would ---not--- use text as a form of communication, the worst possible form of communication to god. Rules:For this debate it will be up to you as Con to prove that god according to the bible would use text, namely the bible, as a form of communication. You must also give the "why" this god would choose text as a form of communication. For extra credit, prove that this god would use text as a form of communication above all else. ...

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Is Gender is binary or fluid?


A contentious issue today is gender identification. Many individuals no longer believe that gender is binary and is instead on a spectrum. For this debate, I will argue that gender is synonymous with biological sex and is therefore binary. My opponent's goal is to prove that gender is not binary and is instead on a spectrum. Terms: Sex - the fundamental distinction, found in most species of animals and plants, based on the type of gametes produced by the individual and its chromosomes....

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"More people have died in the name of god than for any other reason." George Carlin


Here's a portion of George Carlin's famous skit and he's 100% correct. I can't use all of the skit because there's far too many curse words. When it comes to B.S., big-time, major league B.S., you have to stand in awe, in awe of the all-time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims, religion. No contest. No contest. Religion. Religion easily has the greatest B.S. story ever told. Think about it. religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man... living in the s...

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