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Beliefs:Generally I do not think beliefs are easily defined, let alone condensed, they are so subjective symbolism doesn't really paint the whole picture, especially when run through the filter of belief when seen. Every word could be confusing to someone who defines them differently, slight differences in the written and the readers belief, coupled with the belief that different beliefs are wrong/bad/stupid/NO would cause the reader to ignore the written entirely. Therefore I am sticking to a few subjective maxims to boil it down. 1. Infinity exists so your argument is invalid 2. Morals are relative to subjective priorities 3. Remain aware, focus on the unseen 4. Value virtue not profit, it is more profitable 5. Your memories are temporary, enjoy, but keep making new ones 6. It isn't your life it is life and you're a part of it 7. Don't blame yourself for the inevitable of which you've no control 8. Try not to step on ants, don't fret if you do, but never try to 9. Love yours
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The United States Federal Government Should Militarily Intervene in the Syrian Civil War


Policy debate, we talk as if we were trying to pass a policy, First round: Interpretation of resolution, specifics of plan, accept challenge Second round: Construct argument Third round: Argue arguments, but do not create new ones. Final round: No new arguments, no more arguing, just conclusion summary and reason for winning. I'm con so I won't state a plan, you will. INTERPRETATION-The USFG should pass legislation or give executive orders to utilize military equipment and...

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The United States Federal Government Should Significantly Decrease Military Funding to Israel


Rules. Round 1: Acceptance Interpretation Round 2: Constructive phase Round 3: Answering phase Round 4: Summary, reason to vote...

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Neo-Atheism is Radical Atheism


I might as well throw this out there since there is no avoiding it. I am a Christian but I consider myself very tolerant of other people's faith and beliefs. Many Atheists have made excellent points on the existence of a higher power, but let me be clear on something. THIS DEBATE IS NOT ABOUT THE EXISTENCE OF A HIGHER POWER!!!!!!!! I want to debate solely on the recent conduct and attitude of Neo-Atheism. A lot of Neo-Atheists will argue that their beliefs are not new in anyway, and in a way the...

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Mathematics is at the root of all things.


Science has shown again and again that math plays a large role in business, psychology, astronomy, sociology, quantum physics, ethics, and just about anything else you can name. So the argument is this: Do you think it is possible, with the right mathematical knowledge, to predict and/or explain every observable happening in existence? Feel free to post a comment if you have questions....

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Marijuana and Some Serotonergic Hallucinogens Should Be Decriminalized, if not Legalized Outright.


To clarify on Psychedelics I am referring to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, Psilocin/Psilocybin, and Dimethyltryptamine. Marijuana: Marijuana is a plant that is well known for its effects of acting upon the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, causing euphoria, as well as a slew of other effects. It is much less harmful on your lungs than tobacco smoke, and does not cause cancer. There have been no known deaths from marijuana overdose, and significantly less outright deaths (car accidents and th...

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