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Beliefs:I am a staunch Libertarian that believes that privatization of the economy and reliance on the free market would solve most of the issues facing our nation and world, however I realize that such a goal is nearly impossible because we have become so set in our current system. Because of this realization I not only advocate the major changes that would solve our problems but also seek solutions that return power to the people while not upsetting the current system too much.

why Ron Paul will not win the Republican nomination for president.


Before I go any further let me state that I am a supporter of Ron Paul and believe in nearly all of his basic political positions/beliefs. Having said this I just can't see any way for him to be nominated in the present political climate of the U.S. I am hoping that someone can convince me otherwise by this debate and therefore give me hope that all is not lost. #1. Ron Paul is anti entitlement. The majority of the population is 100% in favor of entitlements as long as they believe they are t...

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Lincoln was a white supremicist and one of this countries worst, most unconstitutional presidents.


I'm making this a long debate because i really want to get to the bottom of this. In this first post i will merely show my explanation for each of my points in the topic, then we'll go from there. 1. Lincoln was a White Supremicist. A. Lincoln only freed the Slaves in the south B. Immediatly after the war Lincoln began mass deportations of blacks to Liberia and the Caribean C. Lincoln Stated that White blood should not have to be contaminated with blacks. Based on that I Mak...

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illegal immigration and outsourcing: practically similar


it's ironic some of the conservatives who push keeping foreigners out, yet want outsourcing to go next to unhindered. now, foreginers are often not able to talk english and wouldn't be able to contribute but would be on the welfare etc. but, that's a very minor phenomenon as most have jobs etc. plus, if your reasons are for protecting about that stuff, what about those who are intelligent and smart, why can't they just come as they wish and not jump through years of hoops? the real reason...

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The Green Bay Packer's will make it to the superbowl in the 2007 NFL Season.


It'll be Green Bay. Dallas will lose to the Redskins, giving Green Bay home field advantage in the conference championship. The Packers will dominate the Cowboys at Lambeau, locking up a trip to the Super Bowl....

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Minimum Wage Laws Destroy the Economy


Minimum wage laws create higher costs for employers which will have one of two implications on the economy. 1) The employer must pass that cost on to consumers in the form of higher prices, thus decreasing demand causing decline in the economy, or 2) The employer is forced to make cuts, the employees most likely to be cut first are the low-skill minimum wage employees, thus creating higher unemployment rates and directly harming those that the laws were intended to help. Either way minimum wage...

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