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About Me:Working towards freedom for everyone.
Beliefs:I am not a normal human being. I do not have the same interests and goals as the rest of modern society. And because of this, I sometimes question if I"m even a human at all. I am not motivated to do well in school because of money, like most of the kids are. I know that I am intellectually educated without necessarily being interested in academics. I know that money is not the answer to an individuals happiness. I believe the best understanding you can have in your life is the understanding of different perspectives. A change of perspective can make the good seem bad and the bad seem good. If you understand the motives that people have, you will be introduced to a new interpretation of their reasonings.
Books:50 Laws of Power, SIddhartha, A Long Way Gone
Movies:Limitless, Enter the Void
Quotes:"Control your thoughts or your thoughts will control you."
High School:
Davis High School, Class of 2015
Yakima, Washington, United States
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Anyone can go to heaven as long as they believe their God is equal to Jehovah?


In the Jewish religion, they believe, as individuals and as a majority, that they can be harmonized to God even after sinning.. By sinning they can lose their souls, but can earn their salvation back through repenting and living morally. In Christianity, an individual must believe Jesus Christ is their Lord and savior to enter the gates of heaven. If you didn't already have this understanding, the Jewish God and the Christian God are the same supreme being. Christianity was established after Jud...

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