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Marijuana legalization


Marijuana is fun to use, no doubt about it, there should be no reason why it's illegal. Moderate use poses lung damage of little to none. It is not physically addicting, it has no permanent mental effects. It is no more immoral than alcohol. The smoke is much much cleaner than cigarette smokes and people who smoke cigarettes smoke all the time whereas weed you don't usually smoke all the time. Basically marijuana is harmless besides the carcinogenic smoke that can be avoided by using a vaporizer...

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The Economic State of America: Recession or Boom?


Hello all of yous. I, am Borat Sagdiyev and I and Azumat will be doing the rezearch on theis country. I start off theis debate by saying Welcome to me. Because I represent all of Kazakhstan. To get into points made by debaters, I will start off with say America, Land of free, home of brave, with war of terrorism, is entering economic boom. she is gaining more monies than ever pillaging the desperates Irack. she is rich. she is leaking coins out of her nose. so i challenge any american to fight m...

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Matt Bellamy is the Greatest Living Guitarist/ Musician


Matt Bellamy, lead vocalist and guitarist of the British band Muse, is I think, hands down, the most talented living guitar player. I think Hendrix (RIP) is the only other guitar player who is superior to Matt. Matt is the most creative and the greatest live guitar player. He is truly a genius musician, a virtuoso on guitar and on keyboard. Listen to Stockholm Syndrome, Plug in Baby, and Citizen Erased. His style is unique, although many say Muse is just a wannabe Radiohead. That is very false d...

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Religion/church is the biggest scam and has manipulated mankind early on when we didn't know better.


If you have studied the past of many religions, especially christianity, you should know that the church has been involved in many money making scams, created to gain personal wealth even if it goes against the principles of the religion itself. Not so much today, but in the past, the beloved religion Christianity used its power to manipulate the minds of all its followers to pay money, and other sinister acts such as the selling of indulgences. I'm pretty sure, that the founders of the religion...

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Resolved: Teachers should address students as "Mister/Sir" and "Miss/Misses."


Addressing a person as Mister would be beneficial. Calling someone a proper name is much more professional than if a teacher addresses a student by their first name, even though they are not on a first name basis. Calling someone a name with respect would make that person feel better and more important. From personal experience, I don't like it when teachers call me by just my last name. This sounds like its coming from some bully or a guy I don't like. Calling students by first name has beco...

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