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At the current rate, is the Swazi royal Family at risk of being deposed?


I personally believe it is quite a possibility that the royal family of the Swazi royal family would be deposed. His Majesty King Mswati III promotes polygamy and shows little compassion for his people. It is quite possible that if tradition persists to rule in today's society, and the Swazi people aren't seeing much being done for them, then a major political revolution will take place in Swaziland. It's not a matter of scenarios, it's a fact....

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Is it possible for Lesotho to become economically stabled?


I would like to think it's a possibility, but I wouldn't say It will happen either. Lesotho lacks natural resources, and the people are desperately poor. Plus, almost a 1/3 of the population is infected with HIV. I'm not saying that Lesotho won't achieve economic prosperity as a fact, but I do believe that it will take an incredibly long time before the country's economy can put up fierce competition with South Africa, and that it will take an even longer time for the country to gain any global...

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Are Koreans really racist to Blacks?


It's not to say that I actually want to label the whole of Korea as being racist, and it's not that I wish to support this but I have come to the conclusion that Koreans in general, are indeed racist towards Black people. To be honest, I'm Black myself, and I have nothing against the Korean people. The thing is, I'm very fond of the Korean culture, but I have seen in the media, that some Koreans show a very ugly side to them. For instance, The ‘Bubble Sisters' are a very controversial bunch. The...

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Is it possible for a black woman or a Mulatto woman to gat married into a European Monarchy?


As a black Caribbean American, I personally believe it is a possibility that a black woman can be married into a European Monarchy, It just depends on which country the royal family is from. Times are starting to change, we've seen it in the Danish royal family, when a Danish prince married a woman who is half Chinese and Half Austrian, and the Queen of Sweden id half Brazilian, half German, so Why not have a black woman get married into a European Monarchy....

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Switzerland Is by far the most politically stabled nation


Personally speaking, I believe that it is true that Switzerland is by far the most efficient government on this planet, (call me biased). Sure, their elections may spark a fuse here and there, but the government and its people handle the situation in a mature manner. As opposed to their, American counterparts, they are ALWAYS hot about touchy issues, Such as race, abortion, gay marriage. I mean Look at Europe, and Asia, most of these nations have surpassed these issues decades before these thing...

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