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About Me:In terms of my politics - the "issues" bars don't really work for my own opinions because my political philosophy is entirely different from my philosophy of government. Thus, if I was to begin in a new society, I would want it to be Anarcho-Syndicalist - a group of co-operatives without government or hierarchical systems. However, I do no think that that is possible in the current world situation, so my philosophy of government is Libetarian - Social Democratic, in that government should retain absolute personal liberty but should ensure that equality and especially meritocracy is maintained and exploitation by business does not become too extreme. I might be open to a Social Credit Libertarian Party if one was to arise here in Canada - a real Social Credit Libertarian Party, one that believed in direct redistribution of wealth in order to maintain meritocracy and some degreee of equality. I am, of course, open to change my opinions after any debate, and I'm open to all de
Activities:Reading, especially National Geographics and Scientific Americans, as well as history, sociology, and economics books. Chess, debating (obviously), cycling, and in some instances modding. Nowadays however I often find myself playing guitar.
Beliefs:I support objectivism, atheism, and determinism - accepting that we are nothing but animals and we have no freedom of choice, only what the neurons in our brains tell us to do a what the laws of physics essentially originate in. I also like Epicureanism - since there is not god (as mentioned above) we must pursue happiness without worrying about the wishes of nonexistent gods, and pursuing happiness is best done by pursuing knowledge.
Books:The Foundation Series is excellent and I would highly recommend them, Guns, Germs, and Steel is a fantastic book, Freakonomics and Common Sense by Thomas Paine, not to mention the Iliad and the Odyssey, and The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire are all interesting books. I have a bit of a thing for the Roman Empire as well, so I'd be glad to debate anyone on issues concerning it. Philip K. Dick is a fantastic write, as well as Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky.
Movies:An Unreasonable Man is an excellent documentary film about Ralph Nader, The Confederate States of America is ironically funny and very underrated, all of Michael Moore's films are great grassroots activism if you're into that and I love sci - fi films, especially well thought out ones such as Blade Runner, the Man from Earth and Children of Men. Religulous is also an excellent documentary film.
Music:My favourite music is usually either '66 - '76 or '90s. I like the Doors, Radiohead, Bob Marley, REM, and Tinariwen, not to mention Queens of the Stone Age and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. I also like the Velvet Underground, The Sex Pistols, the Clash, Crass, and anything that promotes chaos. I also play guitar. Pretty much all day.
Quotes:"I may not approve of what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it!" - Voltaire

"A politician who says yes means maybe, a politician who says maybe means no, and a politician who says no is no politician. - Talleyrand

"Just Watch Me" - Pierre Trudeau

"I don't mind being a symbol but I don't want to become a monument. There are monuments all over the Parliament Buildings and I've seen what the pigeons do to them." - Tommy Douglas

"A throne is but a bench covered in velvet" - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Creationists make it sound as though a 'theory' is something you dreamt up after being drunk all night." - Isaac Asimov
Sports Teams:The only sports I like are chess, debating, and the tour de France!
TV Shows:Anything George Carlin did from '66 to '08, Rome HBO, really anything from the '60s or to do with Ancient Rome.

Death Penalty


Actually according to Edwin H. Sutherland, PhD, late President of the American Sociological Society, and Donald R. Cressey, PhD, late Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in the 1974 revised edition of their book titled Criminology, wrote: "It is not cheaper to keep a criminal confined, because most of the time he will appeal just as much causing as many costs as a convict under death sentence. Being alive and having nothing better to do, he will spend his time...

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The US government should eliminate the funding toward programs aiming to help those in need


Hi, this is my first "debate"; I'm not going to present a formal case, but will simply list a few points. -Programs that give food to the homeless are good, but they spend money that could be used on other, more useful things -From a utilitarian perspective, it does not do anything to help our economy (Can you see a homeless man becoming successful and giving money to the government?) -People may pretend to be poor and go get some free food. -Please list counters to my points; I'm looki...

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Banning Abortion


I think that we should ban abortion because it is Killing a unborn baby that doesn't need to....

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Gun Control is an important issue in Canada and the US


Hello all, Although I am not including arguments in my first post, I will be requesting that the opposition have BOP. This makes the debate awkward but it seems to me that the common assumption here is that gun control is an issue of great importance. To rephrase my argument, I am saying that gun control is not important to the present or future of Canada and the United States. My opponent is welcome to argue from either the pro side of gun control (i.e. firearms should be banned) or th...

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Hate Speech Laws are a good idea


Hello all, I am arguing against the proposition that is poorly worded (I apologize) "Hate Speech Laws are a good idea", which is about as simple as it gets. The first round will be for acceptance, and no new arguments on the last round. Otherwise no rules, except that Hate Speech Laws = "Speech not protected by the First Amendment, because it is intended to foster hatred against individuals or groups based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, place of national origin, or other im...

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