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About Me:(Disclaimer: This information was accurate as of 5/14/14) My birthday is in July and I am truly 18 years old. I am currently finishing up my final year of high-school. I am Heterosexual. My favorite color is orange. My favorite animal is the Saw-Whet Owl (if forced to specify only one :P). Although I am a Christian I tend to keep an open mind and try not to judge. I am ... socially awkward. But I have been blessed with a silver tongue and can usually reason my way out of most negative situations I find myself in. I posses many, many, many "Nerdy" qualities and am proud to have been labeled as one. I am a HUGE fan of Pokemon so feel free to come to me for any of your Pokemon related needs. I have only ever been in one relationship, by choice, and thus have very little dating experience. I also consider myself an Otaku so you may also come to me with most of your Anime/Manga questions/needs.
Activities:I have recently taken to doing the polls on this website during school hours. In my free time, that isn't spent doing homework, I tend to do the activities discussed in the following sentences. When online, I tend to watch Anime, misc. things on YouTube, and movies. I rarely play games on Steam. Two such games I occasionally play are Realm of the Mad God and Dota2. On Kongregate, I am often playing War Metal Tyrant and the Daily Challenges. When I have spare time and internet is not available I am almost always reading books. Preferably Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Realistic Fiction. I am a huge fan of strategy games. Especially Trading Card Games such as Magic the Gathering, Yu Gi Oh, and the Pokemon TCG. As for physical activities, I despise team sports and "working out". Only the best, most strategic, and physically taxing of sports suit me. I fence. I can fence Foil, Epee, and Sabre but prefer Foil as it involves more mind games than the other two styles.
Beliefs:I believe that Science/Atheism Vs Christianity arguments are dumb. Neither side can completely prove or dis-prove the other. I view it as two middle-school males bickering that "my cock is bigger than yours!". Excuse the vulgarity of the analogy but basically as neither side can prove anything (whipping out you privates in public is a no, no) and it is very immature I believe it is an accurate representation. Personally, I think we should all respect each other's opinions and views without getting irate and labeling something "wrong". This view-point applies to everything in my life, not just religious beliefs. However, there are indeed things that a certainly morally "wrong" or corrupt and I will gladly debate against anyone for said view to prove it "wrong" (Ex: Rape, child abuse, molestation, etc.).
Books:List is too long. I'll post some of the obscure or not well known ones. 'Cuz who wants to see LotR, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson, right? Ahem, Asimov's Foundation series, Ender's Game, The House of the Scorpion, various works of Shakespeare, The Last Apprentice (Spook's Apprentice), Pendragon Series, The Door Within Trilogy, Isle of Swords, Isle of Fire, etc. I'll post more as I remember them.
Movies:Toy Story, Wreck-It Ralf, Iron Giant, pretty much all the Marvel movies (excluding X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Howard the Duck, Dare Devil, Elektra, Hulk, ... you know, all the terrible ones), The Incredibles, Milo and Otis, Kung Fu Panda, Tron (Original and Legacy), and Shrek. These are but a handful. I'll add more as I remember them.
Music:I don't really listen to music. I was raised on Christian Rock and whatever else was playing on the regional Christian radio station. As I never really developed a taste, I'll listen to just about anything. If it has lyrics they have to be good and I have to be able to understand what is being said (most screamo is a good example of how to fudge both of these conditions up). I do NOT like unintelligent rap (where every other word is a cuss word or when the lyrics are not clever at all), which is unfortunately most of the rap genre, or really bad dub-step (not all dub-step is good, some of it sounds like miscellaneous screams with repetitive "wubs" and like it required little creativity to make).
Quotes:Ehh ... I never really stopped to write them down. There are allot I've liked over the years. I'll get back to this later.
Sports Teams:I'm too awesome to watch sports! :P Jk, I'll occasionally watch American Football willingly. Favorite professional team is da Bears.
TV Shows:Hmm ... I think I'll put my vast pool of Anime in this area. I do watch some American and English shows but who wants to hear about that, right? *cough* Dr. Who, Game of Thrones *cough* Pardon, no, I definitely didn't just give any examples. Anyways, my favorite Anime has got to be Code Geass. Others include but are not limited to; Death Note, Attack on Titan, The World God Only Knows, Steins;Gate, Zetsuen no Tempest, Sword Art Online, Clannad, Log Horizon, Hunter X Hunter, Angel Beats, Black Bullet, Space Dandy, Gurren Lagann, Rosario + Vampire (only the Manga, Anime's season 2 was terrible), To Love Ru (only the Manga, Anime was terrible), Noragami, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Naruto (not Shippuden, filler is EVIL), History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi (only the Manga, the Anime ended after the first major story arch, very disappointed), Beelzebub, BTOOOM! (yes this is its actual name), Wolf's Rain, Full Metal Alchemist, No Game No Life, etc. I'll post more as I remember them.
5 Debates

Imaginary character showdown 2: Robot Masters


Same rules as my Imaginary Sonic character debate( New rules for this debate: 1. I mean the Robot Masters from Megaman 2. Robot Master can be based off of anything accept people (ex. Scarecrow Man, Frog Man, ex of what not to do: Einstein man) Good luck, and I wish you all the best. May the odds be ever in your favor....

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we should protect animals so they do not die animals are not just wild they are also our pets do you want our pets to die I mean they are cute and adorible. we do not want to let those die do we....

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Is it okay for me top wear a bra? (PS. I'm a dude)


I'm a weirdo so no!...

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Garchomp-Mega should be moved to Ubers.


My argument is that Garchomp-mega should be in Ubers instead of OU (pokemon) Round 1: Opening Round 2: Attacks Round 3: Rebuttals+ constructive Round 4: Closing statement. (no new info)...

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Is it possible that we maybe turned into slaves by technology?


People have always wondered we will never go that far. People say that government can never rule us. But whenever I go by a bus stop or downtown I see 12 year old girls and boys getting amused by technology. I know that when I was a kid I used to go to bus station and downtown and just observe what is going around me. Now people not old 12 year olds seem like that are being brain washed to their technology. I mean every time I walk by someone all they talk about is video games. Where is that bon...

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