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in a democratic society felons ought to retain the right to vote


Felons are the utmost vile individuals in society, because of this very fact coupled with other truths, one can see that felons should stay disenfranchised. So, I negate the resolution: in a democratic society felons ought to retain the right to vote. I offer some observations to better clarify my case. Felons-one who has committed a felony. Felony-an offense, as murder or burglary, of graver character than those of misdemeanors, esp. those commonly punished in the U.S. by imprisonment for o...

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Resolved: That justified acts of vengeance ought to sanctioned by the government.


The current paradigm of the lawsuit is, at its core, a "tit-for-tat" system. A person makes an accusation on another, both persons are shepherded into an impressively constructed building, and ungodly amounts of time and money are poured into determining the veracity of the first person's claim. If the claim is found to be true, a massive set of rules is consulted, which in theory allows for any possible Bad Thing someone could do to someone else. The recompense for this Bad Thing is laid out, a...

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That terrorism meets it's goals.


Before any argument is put forward, a definition is a necessity in this debate. The word 'goals' is certainly a word that needs explaining. Terrorists, or freedom fighter's goals are not to incite terror, or fear, as many would suggest. In fact, terror is just used as a weapon to achieve alternative goals. These goals are usually either; an attempt to gain awareness, to aid the process of social upheaval, or quite simply, to destroy, and in doing so, send a powerful message. So, with the def...

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It is childish and counter productive to create voting blocks on to support weakarguments


I resolve that it is counter productive to create voting blocks on to support weak arguments. is an online community, and like many online communities there is very little control over the quality of those that participate in the organization and contribute to the forum, or in this case to the process of debating. The reason why we vote for debates is to express which arguments we felt were best argued. It is a check against the indeterminable quality of members of th...

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A debate on a certain controversy


Okay, the exact resolution is "Patrick_Henry is being childish and counterproductive in his actions against a certain group on" This group is of course the so-called "voting block" that actually isn't a voting block. The debate in which he does this is here: Don't forget to look at the comments. He commits libel, and calls this group a voting block, and its members "A literal band of teenagers, foolishly set in the political views without any l...

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