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Updated:3 Years Ago Gender:Male
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President:Barack Obama (Democratic Party) Email:- Private -
Ideology:Socialist Education:Bachelors Degree
Party:Undecided Ethnicity:White
Relationship:Single Income:Less than $25,000
Interested:in Women Occupation:Other
Looking:Friendship Religion:Buddhist
About Me:I am an aspiring writer and a poet, I believe in the Buddhist teachings and enjoy meditating (though I do it not nearly enough). I also have too much free time on my hands and need to find more to do than boring all of you. I enjoy anything philosophy and love to talk about the conversation taboos of politics and religion.
Activities:writing, philosophy, basketball, guitar, reading, video games
Beliefs:Basic Buddhist principles of compassion, impermanence, and reincarnation Everyone is unique and talented in different ways Life is not about winning, but about loving
Books:Divine Comedy, Metamorphosis, The Consulation of Philosophy, Republic, Lotus Sutra
Movies:Batman trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Last Samarai, Matrix Trilogy
Music:Thrice, Green Day, From Atumn to Ashes, pretty much anything except disco
Quotes:"Plan like you'll live forever, live like you'll die tomorrow"

"There is were you were or might never have been; here is where you are and will always be"

"The strong should not take care of the weak, they should teach the weak to take care of themselves"
Sports Teams:Lakers
TV Shows:South Park, Modern Family, Futurama, Game of Thrones
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I believe in the central teachings of Buddhism. I would like to argue that compassion is the most important thing in human existence. Con will take the position that compassion is not the most important aspect in human lives. Round 1 acceptance Round 2 opening arguments Round 3 rebutals Round 4 closing arguments Definitions: Compassion-the intent to use one's skills, resources, knowledge, etc. in ways that are beneficial to all beings If this debate is well recieved, two more may co...

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Affirmative ActionN/O
Animal RightsPro
Barack ObamaPro
Border FenceN/S
Civil UnionsN/O
Death PenaltyUnd
Drug Legalization
Electoral CollegeCon
Environmental ProtectionPro
Estate TaxN/O
European UnionPro
Federal ReservePro
Flat TaxCon
Free TradePro
Gay MarriageN/O
Global Warming ExistsPro
Gold StandardN/S
Gun RightsCon
Internet CensorshipCon
Iran-Iraq WarCon
Labor UnionPro
Legalized ProstitutionUnd
Medicaid & MedicareN/O
Medical MarijuanaCon
Military InterventionCon
Minimum WagePro
National Health CarePro
National Retail Sales TaxCon
Occupy MovementN/O
Progressive TaxPro
Racial ProfilingCon
Smoking BanCon
Social ProgramsPro
Social SecurityN/S
Stimulus SpendingUnd
Term LimitsPro
United NationsPro
War in AfghanistanN/S
War on TerrorCon

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