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Quotes:"What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence."
-Christopher Hitchens

"The problem with religion, because it's been sheltered from criticism, is that it allows people to believe en masse what only idiots or lunatics would believe in isolation."
-Sam Harris

"When you have bacon in your mouth, it doesn't matter who's president."
-Louis CK

"Evolution is just a theory? Well, so is gravity but I don't see you jumping out of buildings."
-Richard Dawkins

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."
-George Carlin

"Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right."
-Ricky Gervais
Sports Teams:Sports are gay.
TV Shows:Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead + Fear The Walking Dead, Preacher, Family Guy, Big Mouth, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Rick and Morty, Louie, The Office (US), and Stranger Things.

Gay Marriage


I say we let the gays get married. It's not like it affects anyone but them anyway. It's like, Who actually cares about this so much that they think it should be illegal? "Who cares if the gays wanna get married and be miserable like everybody else? No skin of my asss. " -Danny Devito...

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Absence of evidence IS evidence of absence


I've heard many religious people make the point that "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence", And I can explain how that is not true. Before I start, I just wanted to say that this is not a debate on whether or not a god or gods exist, It is just about how that argument is flawed. The con side is the one of someone who thinks it's valid. Let's begin with the fact that the absence of evidence is the only way to indicate that something does not exist. If the absence of evidence is not...

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Eating animals is immoral and wrong


Hello I see you made a debate which didn't get far titled " Eating animals is not immoral change my mind". And I wish to change your mind so here is goes. Eating animals is immoral as they are a sentient being and have a right to life and instead we should eat plants which reduces the most amount of harm. To be clear my position is that we should reduce the amount of harm as reasonably possible so people who live in poorer countries are not immoral for eating animals as they need to to survive....

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Is the existence of God probable?


It seems your former opponent has refused to provide a substantial response to your arguments and has forfeited his position. If you accept I'll try to represent the pro position as best I can. And you can start by presenting your arguments in the contrary to the resolution....

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Believing in God is no different than believing in the tooth fairy


Seeing as there is just as little proof of God as there is of the tooth fairy, It really isn't that much of a stretch to say that believing in God is just as absurd as believing in the tooth fairy....

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