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Ban Tipping!


Hello, and welcome to the debate on the topic 'Ban Tipping!' Structure: Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Refutations/Main Arguments Round 3: Refutations/Main Arguments/New Arguments (Optional) Round 4: Refutations/Overlook (No new arguments) Rules: 1. Don't troll. 2. No harsh language. 3. Don't troll. 4. Take this seriously. 5. Don't troll. I eagerly await an opponent to debate this topic with and am much looking forward to it. I wish my opponent luck!...

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Whether Barack Obama Has Violated the Constitution


Past presidents such as Busch, and Clinton have violated the constitution. Many say that Obama has as well. Their is evidence to either side of the argument, so I would like to see who can produce the best argument towards this. Thank you for your time....

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(Resolution and/or noob) sniping is/are immoral for a Debate.Org user to do on a regular basis.


Resolution sniping: Attacking a debate's resolution as the contender in order to leave the opponent defenseless and render their intended arguments within he resolution's framework futile. Noob sniping: Intentionally preying on newer members of the site as debating partners knowing that it will be easier to win and thus improve one's win-loss ratio. The definition of immoral is open to discussion and will not be concrete as that would ruin the entire purpose of having this debate. This...

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