Should teens have more legal rights?Posted 7 years Ago

Yes, if they get married. The tern "teenager" did not come into use until 1941, and they were considered to be adults, with adult duties and benefits (marriage, sex, procreation). Taking responsibility and thus asserting they are responsible adults, ought to entitle them to more adult rights, such as being allowed to work a job or work longer hours if they choose or need to, to be visibly pregnant in class, to have a checking account, sign contracts, etc.
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Is population as big of a problem as we thinkPosted 7 years Ago

At 12/17/2013 3:30:21 AM, InvictusManeo wrote:
At 12/16/2013 5:20:03 PM, AndrewB686 wrote:
Yes, the world is quickly becoming grossly overpopulated. I see three possible solutions:

1. Increase in homosexual partnerships in order to stabilize the population

Why not let and encourage huge human populations to soar? More and more people would be glad to live. Each and every human life is of immense value and sacred.

There is no need to "stabilize" human population. Humans are supposed to multiply, so that more and more people can experience life. A denser planet is the obvious way that parents can go on enjoying having their precious darling babies.

People have very powerful reproductive urges. In plumbing, pipes are connected by "opposite sex." You can't have 2 male fittings, because they won't hold together. There must be a male into a female pipe holes, or at least a female coupling or "union" connection. Similarly, we should be encouraging, as the population grows, more and more people to get married, encourage more people to marry younger if they are ready, and welcome babies to push out freely without ever any means of "birth control" to be used.

2. Sterilize certain individuals, but not ethnicities in order to maintain a symmetrical balance between races
3. Eugenics, enough said

Didn't Adolf Hitler discredit eugenics? How is it fair for a few elitists to pick and choose who gets to live and reproduce, and who doesn't? Why do you suggest to make excuses for needless government violence? The alternative to evil eugenics is obviously, we have to let EVERYBODY reproduce. If people still love to reproduce a lot, then you can forget about any way to "control" the ever-growing human population.

Adolf Hitler promoted the idea that Germany needs lebensraum (living space or more room to grow). Well that is fine, if empty frontiers/lands to colonize are still available. Sure, follow the example of Abraham and Lot's growing tribes and spread farther apart, to make more room for their natural increase. But all the land of the earth is already claimed by all the countries. Only 7% of people live in countries in which the population is not growing - an old statistic I heard somewhere. That means that most people live in countries that are steadily growing denser and denser with people. Gaining more lebensraum is impossible without stealing or war against neighboring countries. There is a far better solution, which the world was forced to choose. Allow global population density to rise freely. By allowing the human race to populate up denser and denser, countless billions more can be made to fit, and there is no need for awkward, unnatural "birth control." Indeed, world population tripled since WW2, yet the planet did not get any bigger. Africa had only 230 million people in 1950. Now it is over a billion people. Far more people benefit from such a large population.

You're an evil b*stard.

Overpopulation is our biggest problem. It's not so much the fact that there are too many people so there's no room for all of us (you'd be surprised how often I hear this as an argument against overpopulation), but that there aren't enough resources.

There are plenty of resources, if they were properly developed to favor the natural expansion of human populations, rather than hindered by corrupt governments and the economic problems and poverty and unemployment that corrupt governments bring.

There are a number of things we can and should do, and the list doesn't include eugenics -_-.

1) Nuclear fusion (it's underway)

I think the NWO criminal elitists are suppressing free energy technology, which would go a long way towards reducing poverty, and better accommodate massive human populations without pollution from the growing need for cheap energy to run growing megacities.

2) Cost-effective de-salinisation to meet water demands (this is a tough one but is necessary)

Free energy allows for ocean water to become cheap enough to desalinate, that it could even be used for agriculture, thus greening up deserts, and encouraging us to let the planet grow fuller and fuller of hungry human mouths, that actually CAN BE fed.

3) Population caps for fastest growing nations like Africa, India and the Middle-East (it's also a cultural thing for them to have large families so this is also a tough one).

There is nothing wrong with the rapid speed some "emerging population giants" are growing at, such as Nigeria and Pakistan. I very much agree with them marrying young, and letting families grow naturally without birth control, as I do not believe humans should use any birth control.

Human life is sacred in all its forms: old person, child, toddler, baby, fetus, or the natural spurting of baby batter during marital relations, and so we should not hinder the natural spread of human life. As a pro-lifer, I very much welcome a greater spread of human life, and a much stronger flow of babies into the world. I agree with liberals on a few things, such as, as human populations grow, more people should be encouraged to become sexually-active, and the huge number of humans multiplying worldwide, should steadily increase. Human multiplication is a vital and natural function, much the same as breathing or the heart beating. What I can't agree with liberals on, is their dissing of human life, nor their RAMPANT CONTRACEPTIVE PUSHING. Sex should not be perverted away from God's reproductive purpose, and we should welcome the urgently-eager sperm to find the egg, if it naturally can.

I very much agree with people enjoying having "traditionally very large" families, and allowing families and world population to grow naturally, freely, and that "unplanned" family growth is quite natural and okay. Sure, plan for families to grow, what I mean is that the natural spread of humanity ought to be completely unrestrained. Freely booming population growth allows more and more people to benefit from becoming alive. Population accommodation only, no scheming to needlessly "control" and enslave other people.

Imposing population "caps" is a stupid idea. What happens then when arbitrary caps or quotas are understandably surpassed? Do you really favor government violence, or perhaps government trickery/deceit to rob people of the blessings of their children?

But such such a huge and growing human population that the world now has, something has to give? Well then, give up the ridiculously low global population density of the past. It is just not possible anymore with this "burgeoning billions" amount of people.

I'd say that finding a sustainable food source that is nutrient dense and can be made in a lab, like some kind of algae, is important, too. The amount of land it takes to rear animals for food and crops is too much for the amount of humans there are.

Also hey, colonizing Mars or some other planet would help.

But the manned moon landings were probably faked. Even if the evil NWO Babylon America government is hiding flying saucers from us (a possible explanation of UFOs?), I doubt they have a fleet anywhere near large enough to transport the 211,000 net increase in population that the world grow by, each and every day. We now add nearly a billion people, per decade

They say what populates the planet, is extremely pleasurable. Who in their right mind, could want for sex to be less pleasurable? If I was to find the magic population growth dial of the planet, or could dial up even stronger human reproductive drive, would I not crank it up a few more notches, to make things interesting? The world is so obsessed with sex. We hear it in our songs and movies: "I Wanna Sex You Up," "Erotic City," "Have [sex]!" (Nothing is Going to Break my Stride 1980s song), a 1970s song where the guy wants a house full of kids, etc.

So grow planet dense
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