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About Me:My name is Quadrunner. I enjoy long walks on the beach, skinny skiing, going to dog fights on acid....
Activities:Long walks on the beach, skinny skiing, going to dog fights on acid....
Beliefs:Beaches is the best card against humanity.
Books:Wood Pulp, an Autobiography.
Quotes:The right to 360 no-scope noobs shall not be infringed!
-Some guy on DDO

Freedom of speech is so important we gave it two amendments
-Some other guy on DDO

Some Beach, somewhere.
-Black Shelton
Sports Teams:I don't think this is a team yet, but let it be known that if someone adopts the name "Levitating Whales" it was my idea.
TV Shows:The TV character I most relate to is Fez from That Seventies Show because he likes Beaches too.
5 Debates

Should hats be allowed in school?


I definitely think that hats should be allowed in school. They aren't disrespectful, they're only another piece of clothing. Some people may argue that they have gangs where they live, but a hat that represents the gang wont keep the gang from forming.. These gang members are just going to start wearing jackets, shirts, pants, etc. to resemble their group. Some people might also argue that hats are a disrespectful thing to wear in school, well I would like to ask why. In my opinion, watches...

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Why marijuana legalisation should be avoided at all costs.


In this debate I will be arguing against the legalisation of marijuana, as well as why it should be criminalized on a global plan. Children in the modern day society have far too many responsibilities and errands to be under the influence on cannabis. It has been proven that adolescent indulgence in THC slows the growth of the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain we use to obtain new information. Furthermore, long-term use induces impaired cognitive thinking and an altered reward...

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Abortion should be consensual


I'm proposing that in the case of unplanned pregnancy it should be that both the man, and the woman involved are required to give consent before an abortion, assuming the woman is not at unusual risk of bodily harm and that everything including the decision to abort need be consensual, by moral obligation with legal backing. Legally, Mom and Dad both need to sign the papers, unless Mom has something extraordinary circumstance that significantly increases her risk during pregnancy and its aff...

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Can hydrogen cars compete?


We will debate on three parameters for an everyday family vehicle. 1. Practicality/convenience - Ex Price, fuel time, maintenance 2. Efficiency - Ex Toyota prius returns 56 mpg, or Toyota prius is 26% efficient. 3. Environmental impact - Ex Materials, manufacture, emotions etc... I'm taking Hydrogen fuel cells. Con can argue that Natural Gas, diesel, gas hybrid, battery electric vehicles etc... are better. Whatever they feel more comfortable with. Con only gets to choose one though. As...

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I'm always right


Pretty self explanatory, and hopefully challenging. I'm going to argue that I'm always right. You refute it. Don't think I'm right? Tell me I'm wrong....

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