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About Me:Son, Father, Boy Scout, Programmer, Composer, Demolition, Artist, Carpenter, Lab Tech, Electrician, Plumber, Marksman, Heavy Construction Equipment Operator, Chemical Process Technician, Construction Squad Supervisor, Combat Engineer, Writer, etc etc etc I did a tour in Afghanistan shortly after 9/11. I was the water boy in Afghanistan. You's be amazed how important water is in the Desert. We Engineers build it, the Infantry knocks it down. SAPPERS HUA! Luckily, if someone got shot is was always over there, or behind that building. If a mortar round came in it was always over there. If a mine went off I wasn't there. If the convoy got split in half, the other half got attacked. How LUCKY can a man get. If there isn't a God... then how come that same luck has not won me the Lottery? Lucky in life, but never in love or money. LOL.
Activities:Programming, Math, Physics, Chemistry, etc I qualified expert marksman every year I was enlisted. several times, I scored a perfect 40/40 on the M-16A2. I write software for Cash Registers. My hobby is Video Game design. My hobbies requred for this include 3D modeling, music, and other arts and sciences. I specialize in machine learning, pattern recognition, and decision theory. I have learned much about humans while modeling neural networks and artificial intelligence. I hope to prove the Rieman Hypothesis... big words for a small man... the problem is I think I know why others have not. And it's not kewl to even speculate on that. Academia will tar an feather you if you disrespect their knowlege. Scribes value knowlege more than truth. Beware! It creates tunnel vision. sort of why they can't prove it. Theres a blind spot in a tool they are using<snicker>
Beliefs:I am a long haired hippy, a Lion of Truth, the Enemy of opposition Left and Right. A cajun from Louisian, A verteran of Afghanistan, a Soldier who now wields the sword reason that is named truth. Its light divides the darkness of ignorance and unreason both left and right with a blade that is true and surely cuts BOTH ways. If a man left or right picks it up, he will drop it immediately for fear it will destroy him, it will show him himself, and he WILL drop it. If he keeps picking it up, overriding emotion and fear, one day he will hold it, he will no longer be able to exist as either left or right but only as objective. I dare YOU to pick it up and see how long you can hold it. This sword will set you at opposition to all except the most reasoned and most understanding. This is the true way of the rebel. The path least traveled. The left and right will recognize you from your differences, clasify you opposition, and then will turn and rend you. I bear the scars of battle on my heart
Books:I'm on my 19th time reading the bible. I DARE you to rationalize not reading it and then bad mouthing it. I will choose Right to oppose you, gut you with truth, and leave you gasping on the ground<evil grin>. I DARE you to argue religion if you've never read it. I will chose position Left and evicerate you, decapite you <wink wink>. The truth will divide the oppositions arguments left or right without regard for religion, school of thought, or your feelings. It truly is cold hard steel and most would rather die with a real blade in their guts than have truth cut them up. I love the old testament best, the 5 books of moses my favorite. I also love Charles Darwins "On the Theory of Natural Selection." My favorite math book is "Prime Obsession" by John Derbyshire. Fiction Authors: all of them. I prefer school texts, fantasy, and fiction. I favor Baen Books Authors! they rule.
Movies:Anything from the early 30's thtough the lates 60's. VERY LITTLE 70's... except Star Wars. most 80's, 90's. 00s, and recent. I dig Harry Potter. I like the old Star Trek and the New Star Trek, but can live without New Generation. If anyone wants to debate movies, scripts, dialog, lighting, photography, acting, or anything related to movie production... I'm there... if you know who Cary Grant is.
Music:"I am merely the product, of the life that I've Lived..." - Damaged by Assemblage32. I also write my own 80ish techno, more industrial, not bad for old nerd nerd though. Great for a game, but not the radio lol. Interested? check out I like Industrial, 80's, Rock and Roll, a little pop, a little country, techno, and Alternative. sometimes angry... sometimes emo, and sometimes... chilled. HitchHikers! This year I am 42, get it? Mayans, why end the calender 7 days before my 44th? You think they were accurate... what if they were off 7 days off? with my luck, i'm blowing out candles, dec 28th, 2012, an BAM!!!! world ends...DOH!
Quotes:"Look Neither Left nor Right" DER... I like that one... it's right before he tells the dude on the Right "I know you not". REASON RULES, OPOSITION DROOLs. and we know them not.
"A Virtuous Woman is more valuable than diamonds and pearls" I like this one, because virtuous women have like, this new car smell ;-), no dings, and low mileage. All the others ones are like fast cars with high mileage, dents, dings, and graffiti. EVERYBODY wants to drive it, but nobody wants to buy it. DER! It's easy dude, you like new car smell or old car smell. Not a tough decision to make correctly if you could only override the hormones and THINK. I mean really.
Sports Teams:the New Orleans Saints. Now, all those guys that said they could die happy if only the Saints would go to the Superbowl are in trouble. Note also, that Hell is on the freeze. I believe the quote was "when hell freezes over".
TV Shows:Bones, Eureka, NCIS, Battlestar, Psych, and more.
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Debate #1 - The supposition"God exists" is a valid proposition for consideration in logical analysis


[D1] Reason, verb: to think, understand, to form judgement by a process of logic. [D2] Logic, noun: Logic is the study of the nature of the valid argument, a reasoning tool with which we can make valid inferences from a given set of facts or premises. Logic is a tool that allows us to analyze the validity of an argument without regard for the truth value of the proposition or conclusion of that argument. [D3] Proposition, noun: A proposition is a declarative statement to which we can assig...

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The Metric System with Rounding is Garbage


If a system has to be corrected to produce accurate results then that system is flawed. I submit the rounding function as the corrective function of the metric system. Therefore, the metric system with rounding is FLAWED. Operations involving rounding must be "fixed" by using a rounding function of some type. Multi step equations using the metric system are extremely succeptable to compound rounding errors. Proof: Sum(Product) * Markup% Sum(Product * Markup%) Research: Excel Spread...

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