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About Me:I'm skateboarder from Perth, Australia. As of 15/06/14 were are doing Debating in English and its been pretty fun so I started doing debates I'm interested in on this websites.
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Quotes:"Life is a lot like skateboarding." - Lil Wayne

"Skateboarding is a way of life I aint wit it. Yo can break yo neck f*****g around down stairs." - 50 cent
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Paul Walker got what he deserved


Paul Walker deserved to die. He had it coming. First round is acceptance....

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Modern shooters are completely destroying the shooter genre and just plainly miss the point.


The shooter genre was a wonderful place before modern shooters came to existence. Though I respect the people enjoying them, I cannot stand to see how one of my beloved game genres is being completely destroyed by series like Call of Duty. But what's so wrong about it anyways? Well as you all know, every genre has it's established rules that a game has to follow to qualify. Game designers work inside those rules to create a original and interesting experience. They may change them just a little...

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People with Stupid Usernames should be kicked


People should stop using stupid usernames, but should come up with sensible names, like my own, which describes what I am, I am MACHO! What does RedRum have to do with you! Stupid!...

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Should Britain Leave Europe?


First of all, Britain should have the freedom to restore British customs and traditions - which we currently do not have. In order to have this, we cannot be controlled by other countries such as Brussels. The country would be free from the European Arrest Warrant and we would still be able to trade with Europe, as part of an association of nation states and Imported food from non-EU countries could get cheaper as tariffs are low. As well as the above, the UK would remain a key part of Nato a...

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Should we ban cyclists from using the roads?


Now this is a big topic in the whole of Australia and maybe even America. Should we ban cyclists from riding on the roads. Firstly, no I don't think we should. We don't have the right to say "oh cyclists should be banned" and stuff like that because if anything, we as people in cars are causing most of the catastrophe. The show "Today Tonight" on the seven network of Australia recently did a news story about the relationship between cyclists and cars and they took the story to police and the...

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