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About Me:Hmm...Hello...I have never seen the media criticize the Muslim belief in The Creator...they will never. Let me educate you before they fill you with more crap. I follow the only credo clear of theomorphism. This creed is totally distinct from any other belief. The universe could not have "created itself" (Existence precedes action), can not be beginning-less (the claim entails an untraversable infinite regression), and cannot have been a product of chance (Existence and non-existence are both logically equally applicable; Existence will not outweigh non-existence by itself). Therefore, one must assent that this universe must have a Creator. Muslims believe in One Creator Who is Perfect, Beginning-less, Transcendent, Incomparable, and immutable. The Creator created everything. Be it light, darkness, time, space, place, Paradise, Hell-it was all created by The Creator.Since the Creator existed before all those, the Creator existed without those -The Creator existed without a p
Activities:The Creator doesn't materialize and still exists without occupying a place. Whatever is limited may be encompassed by the mind. The Creator is not limited, hence, unable to be envisaged. 1. Allah (literally meaning "The God") is the Creator--everything else is a creation. 2. Space/direction are other than Allah. __________________ Ergo, Allah is not in a space or direction. 1. Allah is not in need of the creations. 2. The entity that is in space (or direction) cannot exist independent of the dimensions it occupies. ____________________ Ergo, since Allah is not in need, Allah is not in a dimension, space, or direction. Likewise, 1. Allah is not inferior to anything. 2. The thing that exists with(in) space or direction is inherently inferior to the One Who exists without space or direction. ________________ Ergo, Allah is not in space or direction.
Beliefs:1. The Creator existed before everything. 2. The Creator doesn't change* _________________ Hence, the Creator exists without being in a place. *Logically speaking, change/transformation is either an attribute of perfection or imperfection. The person won't claim the latter (for that entails the thing to be a creation), if they claim that it is an attribute of perfection, then they are claiming that The Creator was previously inferior, which is absurd. The Creator still exists without a place after creating everything. Muslims believe in Adam, Seth, Jacob, Noah, Abraham, Moses as Prophets. Muslims acknowledge Jesus as a Prophet - one of the highest ranking Prophets. Prophet Muhammad was the last and best of all the Prophets.
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