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Ideology:Libertarian Education:Graduate Degree
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Looking:Friendship Religion:Atheist
About Me:I am an IT developer in the financial services sector in London, where I carry out independent research in AI related technologies and cognitive science. I have two gorgeous little girls and wife I probably don't deserve. We are two years into a four year plan to paddle our way to Canada away from the plug hole vortex that is London and the UK. I am very interested in all things cognitive and am currently busy with a graduate degree in IT.
Activities:I enjoy playing squash, golf and scuba dive when I can. My main pastime centres around my two children. I spend what precious time remains reading and tapping away at my macbook pro. Oh...and I have a thing for Bayes' theorem.
Beliefs:As an unorthodox objectivist, I have differing interpretations of Rand's philosophy re Free Will and to a certain extent climate change than those of the philosopher herself. I am not a Randian as I do not accept Rand by authority. On balance, I believe her philosophy to be sound. I am staunchly empiricist and uncontrollably compatibilist. As a rehabilitated Christ cultist I am convinced that this religion is detrimental to mankind, but not as bad by a long shot as Islam and secular socialism. I am a proponent of strong AI. I despise the concept of political correctness which I believe it to be a force for human degradation by numbing our acceptance of reality and realising an acceptance for mediocrity. I am a staunch proponent of laissez-faire capitalism and very small government. In principle I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. As I don't fit nicely into anyone's boxes my views are likely to be unpopular but I don't particularly care, as that does not render them false
Books:The Blank Slate, Linked, On Intelligence, Atlas Shrugged, The Fountain Head, Human Action, The Logical Leap, The Mind of the Market, Objectivism The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, Guns Germs and Steel, The Histories, Economics In One Lesson, The Free Market Revolution, The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure, Money Mischief, Real Crash, Crash Proof, The Road To Serfdom, The Wealth of Nations, All of Isaac Asimov, The Virtue Of Selfishness, Pale Blue Dot, Kinds of Minds, Free Will, God Delusion, God is Not Great, Jesus Interrupted, The Demon Haunted World, Elbow Room, Consciousness Explained, The First Idea, Challenging Nature, Emotion: The Science of Sentiment, The Imitation of Life: How Biology is Inspiring Computing, Machine Nature: The Coming Age of Bio-inspired Computing
Movies:Meet Joe Black, The Edge, Fracture, Cast Away, The Terminal, 300, Star Wars, Red Planet
Music:Ray LaMontagne, Bob Marley, The Fureys, The Commitments, The Proclaimers, Rodriguez, Mumford & Sons, Rod Stewart
Quotes:Faith is believing what you know aint so - Mark Twain

Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them - David Hume

What light is to the eyes - what air is to the lungs - what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man - Robert Green Ingersoll

Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery - Robert Green Ingersoll

Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself - Robert Green Ingersoll

In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences - Robert Green Ingersoll
Sports Teams:Not a big fan of sports teams.
TV Shows:Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Ripper Street, Boston Legal, The Mentalist
2 Debates

The Best Tax is a Tax on Land and Some of that Revenue should be Divided Equally to all Citizens


The land value tax (LVT) is a tax on the value of economic land. Some definitions: Land: for the purpose of this debate, 'land' will mean economic land which is any resource used to create wealth that exists regardless of whether labor or capital are applied to it. It is in fixed supply. Site: To differentiate between economic land and the earth under a building, I will refer to the earth under a building as a 'site'. Capital: Wealth gained from applying labor to land. Labor: Actions to produce...

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Should the God hypothesis be a Scientific theory?


FIRST ROUND IS ACCEPTANCE AND RULES ONLY Understand that my approach is suppose to be of a scientist using the scientific method not a philosopher like William Lane Craig and other debaters attempt to do, So its a little bit different. I am arguing that the God Hypothesis should be a scientific theory. In principle, I technically have all the Burden of Proof, but for the purpose of winning and losing this debate, my opponent must explain why it should NOT be a scientific theory. In other w...

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Affirmative Action
Animal RightsCon
Barack Obama
Border Fence
Civil Unions
Death Penalty
Drug LegalizationPro
Electoral CollegeUnd
Environmental Protection
Estate TaxCon
European UnionCon
Federal ReserveCon
Flat TaxPro
Free TradePro
Gay MarriagePro
Global Warming Exists
Gold StandardPro
Gun RightsPro
Internet Censorship
Iran-Iraq War
Labor UnionCon
Legalized ProstitutionPro
Medicaid & MedicareCon
Medical MarijuanaPro
Military InterventionCon
Minimum Wage
National Health CareCon
National Retail Sales TaxCon
Occupy Movement
Progressive TaxCon
Racial Profiling
Smoking BanCon
Social ProgramsCon
Social SecurityCon
Stimulus Spending
Term LimitsPro
United NationsCon
War in AfghanistanCon
War on Terror

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