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Activities:I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I'm an avid skydiver, zipliner and skateboarder.
Beliefs:I'm an agnostic atheist, a minarchist, a believer in the enlightenment
Books:Anything by Noam Chomsky The Moral Animal by Robert Wright Blood, Class And Empire by Christopher Hitchens Letters To A Young Contrarian by Christopher Hitchens What's Left by Nick Cohen A Short History Of Nearly Everything by Bil Bryson Consciousness Explained by Daniel Dennett
Quotes:"A facility for quotation covers the absence of original thought" -Dorothy L. Sayers
Sports Teams:I don't follow sports.
TV Shows:QI, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Screenwipe, Newswipe,
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Being born good or evil


In this debate we are talking about weather people are born good or bad and first i will be telling you what i think each of those mean. Good: I think that being good is almost non-existent at all, and strictly just what the person thinks society think is "o,k.". Being "good" almost always has a self-beneficial end goal, and people usually are thinking of them selves in the end. Bad: Bad, i think is just human nature, being bad is all we know as humans until taught otherwise by society. We...

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Pit Bull Stereotypes


I feel pit bulls are taking a lot more hate than they should be. It's not the dog that's mean, it's the owner. The reason this is happening is because pit bulls are big, strong dogs and people use them in dog fights. Owners train them to mean. I had a red-nose named Kaos and he was the nicest dog I've ever had. You know why? We taught him to be that way. We taught him that violence was unacceptable and he would be punished for being mean. But he would also be rewarded for being good. I haven't s...

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Should abortion be legal?


Abortion should not be legal. Essentially, the killing of an unborn fetus, which is a human being, is murder. "Murder is defined as the unlawful killing, with malice aforethought, of another human." (1) Murder is deemed illegal in all civilized countries, so abortion should be deemed illegal in all civilized countries. 1: "Murder". Merriam-Webster. Retrieved January 9, 2015....

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